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Birmingham-based Eyes Like 20 is our Indie Band of the Week because they know how to deliver their own aggressive brand of metal-infused alternative rock with a knockout punch.  Their sound is felt as much as heard.  The beats will keep you dancing and the lyrics will move you while your bones rattle.

Jonathan Lucas’s voice, an ideal mix of soul and aggression, is the perfect compliment to the hard-riding, grinding, growling guitar work laid down by Brent Martin and Richey Boyd.  The rhythm section, made up of Casey Hargett on bass and John Kennedy on drums, will keep you moving for the entire show with their hard, driving, yet funky beats.

They personify what a professional indie band is in several ways.  First and foremost – the ROCK! They are aggressive in marketing their band to press, venues and anywhere else they can think of.  What sets them apart from 90% of the other DIY bands out there is they obviously understand the importance of having a professional EPK with all of their assets (music, bio, pictures, contact information, press, news, tour) in one place, their website is easy to navigate with social media buttons and their profiles on prominent sites (see links below) are congruent.  When we opened their submission email it was like hard rock angels graced our office.  One click that was easy to find, and we cranked up the first tune LOUD and by the third song, everyone was banging their heads to the beats and there you have it…we had found our next Indie Band of the Week.  

So, take note other bands.  If you don’t make it easy for people like us (press), talent buyers, labels, etc. – then you are going to be overlooked.  You may be the best fucking band on the planet, but 99% of the time the person you were trying to get to listen to your songs, already hit the “delete” button 10 seconds into your email.  Learn from the hard-working, gigging guys of Eyes Like 20 that not only know how to rock a house, but also rock their brand, music and themselves as a business!

Eyes Like 20 started recording their first full-length album in November 2012 at After Digital Studios in Birmingham, AL with producer/engineer Bradley Timko, which will be out in early Spring 2013.  

Inspired by the likes of Tool, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, and Deftones, you can hear a little of all in the tracks below.  Give them a listen and connect with them at the links below!  

“Padded Room”

“No Stone”

“The Itch”

“Birth To Earth”

Connect with Eyes Like 20:


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