Alice Roques – Co-Founder/Managing Editorial Director


Alice is the hot, sticky, sweet glue that holds RR together. She’s the calming YING to our own special brand of crazy-sauce YANG, if you will. In addition to wearing multiple hats and expertly juggling many ballz in perfect unison, her love for interviewing and writing compels her to bring forth some of our best original content over and over. As if that isn’t enough, Alice is our also our Head Honcho graphic designing GODDESS – rocking the most interactive digital magazine in the world today with her techno-geek madness! So, as you turn the pages of the magazine and the music starts playing, cool shit pops out at you, and all of the buttons and gizmos work – bow your head low & chant her name! A-L-I-C-E! A-L-I-C-E! We are not worthy…

Valerie King – Co-Founder/Editor in Chief

Valerie has worked as an Editor/Journalist at various major publications for over 20 years. This is not her first rodeo, but she’s sure it will be her last ever since she sold her soul to the gods of rock n’ roll and was bestowed a one-way All Access Pass ticket for the crazy-train called ROCKREVOLT. Between wrangling the RR Crew around the globe, kitties and rockstars alike, Val stays pretty busy. She is easily distracted…please don’t confuse her or play country music around her.

Josh Rienecke – Photographer

Does Josh look like he’s having fun? HE IS! Capturing some of the most iconic images for RR since day one, Josh brings his mad skillz to every show and he never leaves the pit with out the money shot! If you get in his way, he will poke you with his giant lens of doom – and we seriously don’t advise it! With a portfolio from shooting some of the biggest names in music for over 20 years, Josh always has both “guns” loaded and ready to rock! Check out all of the pictures of badassery on Josh’s new photography page on Facebook HERE

Devon Anderson – Managing Editor


Devon is a Managing Editor/Content Manager/Chief of Grammar Police here at Rock Revolt, as well as a writer/journalist. She has been a writer pretty much her entire life, as well as a lifelong rock and roll fan. She has a passion and knack for storytelling, and that plays well in the pages of Rock Revolt. She prefers to be standing right in front of the stage or artist with eyes and ears wide open, never to miss a moment of any performance or interview. She loves to snag on to those secret, overlooked moments that many others may not catch in order to tell a fuller, deeper story. Not much gets past her, and she’s always “on” when it comes to crafting with words. When she’s not writing or teaching others how to write, she’s poring over every word we write to make sure it looks as sexy and bitchin’ as the music sounds. She likes her music pounding, her words perfect, and her commas and semicolons properly placed.

Anabel DFlux – Senior Photojournalist

Anabel Dflux is a California native who prefers to spend her evenings at concerts with metalheads and Hollywood transplants, with her trusty camera in hand. In 2009 she started her own photography business on a whim and a wish, and has since gone on to photograph and document hundreds of bands on the infamous Los Angeles streets. Having been an animal event photographer before getting roped into the music world, Anabel partners her past experience of photographing action to capturing excitable musicians on camera. The intense passion of the crowd and stage presence of the musicians makes photographing concerts one of the most amazing experiences in the world. Her goal has always been to capture the atmosphere through the lens; she wants people to feel that energy!

John Thornbrugh – Photojournalist

John ThornbrughWhether there is rock, metal, or any variation of music in between, you can certainly see John Thornbrugh behind the camera at most concerts. John takes his passion for photography to a level rarely seen by most others. The sights he purveys through his lens makes you imagine the sounds he hears as they are happening. Killer shots are what matters to John the most, but making sure the viewer sees what he hears is just as important and it shows through Johns work. You can catch John shooting most of the rock shows in Kansas City and surrounding areas.  Most of the time he has his camera up to his eye, waiting for that next awe-inspiring shot. But don’t be fooled, John is one of the most approachable photographers out there and ready to share his wealth of knowledge. You can follow John’s work at | Facebook: @John.Thornbrugh | Twitter: @SMIPhotog | Instagram: @smi_photog and included in our featured spreads throughout the days and weeks to come.

Ace Sims – Writer/Interviewer

Music has always been a part of Ace’s life. Whether it was being raised on Patsy Cline and Neil Diamond or his rap and country phase through his teens, one thing has always been constant, music. Ace uses his passion for music to provide show and album reviews for RockRevolt Magazine. His main love is that he actually has the ability to speak with a bevy of artist through all genres of music and share their conversations with the world.


Rob Ryles – Writer/Reviewer – Australia

Rob is our comedic break from reality. Nothing fazes him – besides running out of beer, of course, or if he’s given a particularly bad album to review – then WATCH OUT! Rob will go anywhere and do anything for RR – interviews, live show reviews – and he is one of our favorite album reviewers. We’re dying to find an unknown Aboriginal black metal band to send him out to review just for fun, so hit us up if you know one. Seriously. His “other gig” is as a singer/songwriter & guitarist with his Alt/Punk band BRICKS (Check out their new EP Beasts Blood HERE).

Terry White – PhotoJournalist

Terry White
Some call it an accident; a mistake. But when Terry White scored his first photo pass, fate was demonstrating that it had found a way to merge one man’s passion for music, with his gift for photography. Although Heavy Metal is the genre that Terry most closely identifies with, his musical taste varies widely. “I’ll listen to anything that doesn’t suck“, he jokingly says. Since that first show, he hasn’t slowed down. You’ll find Terry roaming all over the pacific northwest shooting anything that’ll dare get in front of his camera.Twitter: @TLWhitePhoto | Instagram: TLWhitephotography | Facebook: @TLWhitePhoto

Bradford W. Skelley – Journalist/Photographer


At the early age of 17 years old Bradford embarked on a musical journey of epic proportions, and obtained his first photo pass to shoot his favorite band. Little did he know that this would be a foreshadowing moment of a life dedicated to all things that rock. So he sold his soul to Rock N’ Roll, and continued his exciting journey of entertainment bliss, branching out into writing and interviewing along with photography for several regional magazines. Bradford attends more events in a year than most do in a decade. He also enjoys working for tour production in his area, & playing music of his own.

Joe Koza – Journalist

Joe Koza

Hailing from Greater New York City, Joe Koza is a musician and journalist. Having been exposed to a variety of ideas and perspectives from an early age, he has found that keeping an open mind is imperative to an interesting experience. When Joe isn’t behind a drum kit, you’ll most likely find him searching for new music, at a live show, or writing a short autobiography in the third person.


Demetrios Ioannou – Journalist – Greece

Demetrios Ioannou

Living in Athens, Greece and being a journalist for several years now Demetrious has experienced almost every aspect of journalism. He is a music and movie enthusiast. Beyond writing about music, one of his biggest passions in life is photography, which he tries to perfect every night and day. If you are about to meet him you will probably recognize him by the Nikon hanging from his neck and the big beard! He lives by Saint Augustine’s quote “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” and ever since he’s tried to read as many pages in the book of “world” as he can!


Connor Williams – Journalist – UK


Connor is RR’s version of the “Almost Famous” kid with a British accent! Covering all things cool in the UK for Rock Revolt™ with an ear for great new music and a rock writers drive to ask the questions of a true fan! Treading where no American dare go, we’ve sent him on zombie walks, to every hard-core, grunge, screamo headbanging show from Bristol to London – and he keeps coming back for more! So our only rules for him are don’t miss school and … “DON’T TAKE DRUGS!”


Patrick Desmond – Senior Videographer, Photojournalist

Patrick Desmond and Robert Englund

Patrick Desmond – Senior Videographer, Photographer, Journalist with over 20 years shooting commercials, music videos, television and film, Patrick is RR’s Head Horror Honcho. His work has appeared in several of the largest horror publications including Fangoria, in addition to his work with Fangoria TV. Several of Patrick’s films are in worldwide distribution, and there are more where that came from! When he isn’t teaming up with Alice to cover rockstars, you can find Patrick at a horror convention anywhere throughout the country! You can see Patrick’s film work on his website:


Phil Kimm – Journalist – Kenya

Phil Kimm has had a thing for words for as long as he can remember. He proposed and they said no citing issues of unfaithfulness with his other passion; sports. Kimm has been published on other entertainment publications and was a soccer blogger in a past life. When sufficiently harassed he will pen some dark poetry.


Jen Erre, Journalist and Photographer

Jen Erre is a sophisticated metalhead. Jen has been bangin’ her head since the ‘80’s: going to shows, dishing the news, writing the reviews and shooting the rock stars. She is a multi-faceted writer who knows how to find the right story by asking provocative questions. Jen Erre is Rock Revolt’s Italy music scene correspondent as well: she can tell you the story in two languages: English and Italian. Jet-setting to find that untold story, you never know where she’ll turn up. You can’t keep this good woman down!


Theresa Lynn – Photojournalist

Theresa LynnTheresa Lynn Gebhart is a photographer, journalist, graphic designer, and web designer/developer. She has been working with the music scene for nearly 10 years and has a passion for various genres of rock n’ roll, favoring nu-metal, classic rock, and punk rock. As a child, it all began when Theresa got a hold of her dad’s copy of Metallica’s fairly new at the time Black Album and listened to it on repeat until the lyrics became a permanent part of her memory.  She’s been a rock lover ever since and started headbanging at concerts as soon as she was able. You can follow Theresa’s concert photography journey at Instagram @twistedtendencies | Facebook @twistedtendencies



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