If you would like to submit your band (or yourself) for coverage in Rock Revolt™Magazine, please make it easy on us to know what you’re asking of us by following the guidelines below and submitting to the proper email address/department.

NOTE:  This is for bands that are not represented by a Record Label and/or professional PR firm.  Labels & PR Firms, please submit to


  • Band name, members names/instruments played, genre, City, State, contact information including email and a phone number for at at least two members of the band or management.
  • Links to all relevant band & social media sites (website, Facebook, Twitter, ReverbNation, Instagram, Tumblr, Spotify, Soundcloud etc.)
  • Short bio – 250 words or less
  • Even if you have the slickest EPK on the planet…still make sure all of this info. is on it.  Thanks!
MUSIC MUST BE SUBMITTED in either MP3 format or a direct link to listen to your music in one place.
  1. “Check out our music on our FB, website, Reverb, iTunes… ” is not cool.  We do not have time to going to go searching for your stuff – and won’t.  At the very least – have the links all together – and make sure they work!
  2. If you are submitting your music for an ALBUM/EP REVIEW, please attach ALL of the songs with titles.
  3. If you are submitting your music for consideration of an interview, feature article or Indie Band of the Week, then send TWO of what you think are your BEST songs.
  4. Do not send music with “NEWS” stories unless it is relevant to the story, i.e., Get Free Download of the new FACE MELT song “We Melted Your Eyeballs & Drank Them!”
If it sounds like we’re being ridiculously picky, it’s because we REALLY want to HEAR YOUR MUSIC – but if you don’t send your stuff  in the right format, with all your information and to the right email/dept…it’s probably to get overlooked or deleted & that would suck!  So get your stuff to us the right way! \m/

Band News (Press Releases & Stuff):

What’s going on with your band – did you just get signed as support on a tour, going out on tour, performing at a big charity fundraiser, finish up an album, win a national contest?  We want to know about it!  Make the subject line of the email in “headline” type format (example:  FACE MELT Playing MAYHEM Tour in 2014!).

Band Reviews:

  • ALBUM/EP/MP3 Reviews: should be in the format listed above and emailed no later than three weeks prior  to drop/release date.   Please make the subject line of the email contains Band Name, Name of new Album/EP & Drop date (example:  Face Melt, Melting the Masses, Release Date: 6/6/2014)
  • Live Show Reviews/Interviews:  As much as we love our indie bands, there is only so much time and we are scattered far and wide across the U.S. and beyond.  Therefore, please do not invite us to attend every gig that you have.  If we are coming out to see you, we’ll let you know.  However, if you are touring in support of a headlining band and would like to let us know, then we can be sure to catch your set if we know about it in time and get live shots.  Again, timing is everything….we need at least one month’s notice to arrange.


Our coveted IBOTW spot has very specific criteria to qualify as an IBOTW.

  • You must be an indie band (tis’ true) of exceptional quality.  If you are signed with a smaller indie label, that’s ok – but no major sub-indie label signed bands.  The more DIY and innovative you are – the more likely we’ll be impressed.
  • We WILL be going to your social media / sites- so get it all in order please.  If you submit your band and we go and none of your players work, we can’t find pics, your iTunes link doesn’t work etc. that’s just lame.  Get your shit together brothers & sisters!  We want to help you dammit!
  • You currently (or w/i 60 days) have something GOING ON that is relevant – new album (upcoming or  just released), tour or something else of musical value/weight.
  • If your last “album” was a bad demo of three songs recorded two years ago and your last gig was “Bubbas BBQ Shack” last summer – you probably need to work on it a little and get back to us.  Seriously – rock on!  Grow a little and get back to us. \m/
  • If you have a decent following on social media, have some gigging/touring experience, promo & live pics (that aren’t cell phone shots) and your music KICKS ASS…

THEN, and only then,…please send your melodic magic to: 

Please make sure that you’ve read the “All Submitted Information Must Include” section twice then send all of it along with a reason why we should consider interviewing YOU or YOUR BAND and give you coverage in Rock Revolt™Magazine !

Thank you all and we look forward to hearing your music!