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KURT-COBAIN-10401“Only the good die young.  Live hard…die young.  We can sleep when we’re dead.”  These sayings, amongst many others, are utterances that we’ve heard time and again.  In the rock n’ roll world, they are cited far too often.  And so it is with Kurt Cobain, who would have turned 46 years old today.

I loved Kurt Cobain and in turn Nirvana.  I was one of those that curled up in bed on that fateful day (4/8/94) almost 19 years ago – armed with kleenex, vodka and chocolate and watched MTV for four straight days; obsessing on the who, what and why of his apparent suicide.  He would always remain young and beautiful in my eyes….

That was until today, when the folks at decided to take my beautiful 27-year-old Kurt and use aging software to show “what Cobain might have looked like as an older man” of 46. SACRILEGE!  Hey people…he didn’t make it to 46!  He (or someone else) put a gun to his sweet little baby soft blonde hair and pulled the trigger.  He died young.  One of the biggest “perks” of dying young (from a “glass half full” perspective) is that people will always remember you as young – no wrinkles and bags under the eyes, drooping jowls and receding hairlines.   So I would like to say, “Fuck you very much” to whomever thought this would be a cool twist to “celebrate” Kurt’s birthday.

I don’t even want to post the pictures, but since they’ve already gone viral I will because if I have to live with these cursed images then you do too.  Don’t hate on me.  Feel free to leave comments on the full article HERE.   Comments in support of this rant are welcomed below.  

If there are any redeeming qualities to these pictures, the “aging software” that spit out the “46 year old Kurt”, shows that he would still be one sexy man – at least to me.   So I think it’s time to crawl into bed with some chocolate and vodka and watch the “Unplugged” show at least three times straight in the hopes of erasing this mind fuck.  Happy Birthday, Kurt.  

 ~ Val King, Editor in Chief – RockRevolt™Magazine

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  2. Seriously lady, (or guy) big fucking deal… Get over your obsession.

    • It was a day where some of my favorite rockstars kept popping up on my computer in pictures – Robert Plant looking like my grandpa on a bad day as just one example. It’s sad to see everyone getting older and realizing that as they get older, so do I. It’s hard to see sometimes. So, when the pictures aging Kurt came up it just pissed me off. “Here’s what he’d look like IF he had made it to 46 years old.” I didn’t want to see that shit. Just because the technology is available to do it, doesn’t make it right any more than publishing pictures of dead celebrities (corpses). I felt it was a stupid and disrespectful thing to do on his birthday. Let the man be. Let him be 27 forever. As far as obsession goes, I have no time for that, but he was the voice of my generation. I’m sure he was shooting the big finger down at those pictures as well. Thanks for your input though. I’m over it now (kinda). Valerie King, Editor in Chief

      • Me thinks Matt should let this journalist have his or her opinion. If he starts a website than he can talk about things that interest or annoy him.

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