WARNING: Horribly graphic details of child sexual abuse carried out by Ian Watkins and two Co-Defendants outlined in a 13-Page "Sentencing Remarks" Court document filed by the presiding Judge - UPDATED 5/26/2014 with PDF of full document.

Ian Watkins holding baby doll in Dublin May 18, 2010. Credit:

Ian Watkins holding baby doll in Dublin May 18, 2010.

If you haven’t eaten…don’t.  If you have, then you probably may want to wait a while if you plan on reading this, as it is sure to turn your stomach.*

The “Sentencing Remarks” document that must be filed after any Crown Court judgement, was done so very promptly by the presiding Cardiff Crown Court Justice Royce QC.  All of the following excerpts are taken from the 13-page document (link to full document at end of report):

UPDATE (5/26/2014):  The link on has been taken down – displaying  “Page Not Found.”  Good thing we legally downloaded the pdf when it was live.

CLICK HERE TO OPEN PDF of the full 13-Page ‘Sentencing Remarks’ document and READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.


Watkins sexually abused two underage fans, one of which traveled to the US (Boston to New York) to meet Watkins, where he took her virginity.

Count 18 dates back to March 2007.  You met TT after a Lostprophets concert when she was a 16 year old virgin.  The prospect of taking her virginity excited you.  You got her to dress in a schoolgirl’s outfit and you videoed her and you
having oral, vaginal and anal sex.  You asked her whether she enjoyed being your underage slut.  At the end you urinated over her face and told her to drink it.

Count 19 dates back to August 2008.  The girl KJ was another fan aged 16.  You videoed her having oral sex with you.  She is to be seen snorting white powder which you told her was cocaine.  


Watkins involvement with the Co-Defendant referred to in this document as “B” (in the media as Mother A):

You B were only 19 when you met Watkins in late 2011.  The communications
between the two of you in March and April 2012 are seriously disturbing.

You had detailed discussions with Watkins about the sexual acts to which the two of
you were going to subject your infant. 

On 21st March Watkins says “Come down this weekend and we can fuck him up again” and
you text back saying “tell me if you want to get your dick in our boy”.

This is what led up to the session at the K West Hotel in London on the night
of 2nd/3rd April recorded on the video. What did you do? You presented your
baby to him so that he could try to rape him. First in the mouth. Then in the
anus. Watkins can be seen spitting on the boy’s bottom to facilitate his
attempt. You can be heard and seen encouraging him. Could there be a greater

The report then goes into EXTREMELY graphic detail of what Watkins and B do sexually to the 10-month old baby boy and recounts more texts between the two after the incident planning  future abuse of the child.


Justice Royce turned his attention to the Co-Defendant named in the document as “P” (in the media as Mother B):

 Your communications with Watkins start in August 2012. 

It is not long before the communications turn to child sex abuse.

Watkins said “if u belong to me so does ur baby” and you responded
“understandable… a mother – daughter slave duo worshipping

Watkins said “that’s all she will know… a life of filth”

P said “the good thing about babies is put anything near their mouths and they
start sucking it”.  She went on to talk about both her and her baby sharing
Watkins’ penis with their tongues.

The lengthy split screen skype session on 12th September is again very
disturbing viewing and listening. You Watkins encourage P to spit on her
finger and penetrate her daughter. You P do just that with apparent enjoyment.
Watkins is masturbating throughout. That is count 8.


We really cannot go on with any more.  Now we can see exactly what Cardiff Crown Court Justice Royce QC meant by his earlier statement:

“Those who have appeared in these courts or at the Bar or on the Bench over many years see and hear a large number of horrific cases. This case, however, breaks new ground.

Any decent person looking at and listening to the material here will experience shock, revulsion, anger and incredulity.”

Yes Sir.  That about sums up our feelings precisely.

UPDATE (5/26/2014):  The link on has been taken down – displaying  “Page Not Found” 


You can CLICK HERE TO OPEN PDF of the full 13-Page ‘Sentencing Remarks’ document and READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Preliminary Sources:   ThePRP and Metal Injection

For the whole story on the sentencing hearing: IAN WATKINS SENTENCED TO 35 YEARS FOR PEDOPHILIA 

*RockRevolt®Magazine is not responsible for ruined clothing, bedding, computers, laptops, tables or cellphones due to regurgitation cause by reading this article or the full report.  Read at your own risk. 


  1. this is literally the most disturbing thing I have ever read or heard about.

  2. Please tell me the mother’s were arrested and killed in jail! A can not imagine anything so horrible, and like it said, a more wrong betrayal of a mother. I weep for these children and I have an infant at home I’m going to keep in my site as much as possible!
    Scary, dirt bags!!

  3. stephanie murray // November 23, 2014 at 3:26 pm // Reply

    It makes me ill the fact he thought he had the right to appeal his sentence. Sick fuck.

  4. Absolutely disgusting. This just made me feel nauseous. What a sicko. Someone needs to shoot him between the eyes.

  5. That is the most vile and disturbing thing I have ever read. How could a mother do that to their child? And he is just a sick fuck. I hope someone in prison makes him their “fucktoy” but on second thought he might enjoy that, so I hope they just torture him. It is scary that there are people out there like this.. We pass them everyday on the streets and have no idea. I’m terrified to have children. I was molested as a child and if someone did something like that to my kid I think I would have to kill them.

  6. How these people like this arent instantly killed and hung in the streets is beyond me. No amount of prison time can even begin to make up for the amount of pain he has caused.

  7. // August 4, 2014 at 7:55 pm // Reply

    Glag he’s locked up. That is unbelievable. I couldn’t read the whole thing, those poor little people :( I hope they are happy and have forgotten all about their vile mothers.

  8. The most disturbing thing ive heard in 35 years alive. there is no fitting punishment nothing is bad enough.

  9. This is vile, I feel sick reading this. No way in hell I’m opening the full PDF, so awful to read.

  10. I hope that sick bastards rots in prison.

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