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sats.bannerWe chose the Minneapolis based band Scream At The Sun as our Indie Band of the Week because we love the way these five musicians manage to throw a plethora of different metal sub-genres into a blender, whip it up on high and pour out some seriously tasty head-banging concoctions! Mixing genres/sub-genres is nothing new, but Scream At The Sun pull it off brilliantly with clean precision shots like perpetual cannon balls to the face, while still maintaining the integrity of their sound.  Mixing old school metal/hard rock with a completely new modern twist that just…works.  In short, they don’t sound like they’re “trying too hard” to be what they are – which is a straight forward, kick ass band!

Listen to this…


screamatthesun.albumWith the lead vocals of Clint Howry (Vox), Matt Johnson (Lead/Rhythm Guitars), Stefan Radzilowski (Lead Guitar), San Van Moer (Bass) and Zane Petersen (Drums) in perfect synchronicity, this DIY band have amassed a loyal following in their region and are known for their high energy live shows.

Their full-length, self-released album Chant of the Misanthropic  (2012) is eleven tracks of eclectic genius.  Although we will admit that one or two tracks were not to our taste, there are enough varieties of musical sounds here to satisfy any rock lover’s  appetite.  

Howry’s vocals are a consistent standout on the album; a finely tuned instrument which he yields with razor-sharp precision, from the deepest of growls to soaring high notes and screams.  The guitar riffs and solos that Johnson and Radzilowski execute throughout are exceptional:  clean, intricate and rippin’, just like we like our axes!  The percussion duo of Moer slappin’ da bass like a madman while Peterson obliterates the drums with a head banging beat of astronomical proportions, makes this collective sound machine the equivalent of a high-speed locomotive on fire.  Put them all together and you get a fusion of exceptional musicianship fronted by outstanding vocals delivering quality lyrics.  In our book that equals a band that deserves to be heard.

So give a listen to another great song by Scream At The Sun…

“Fear Thy Neighbor”

Purchase Chant of the Misanthropic on Scream At The Sun’ Website, Amazon,  CD Baby or iTunes.


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