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Deathronic is our FINAL 2013 Indie Band of the Week!


Amine Andalous

Amine Andalous

Last week we visited a band from Italy, but this week we are taking it to France and are celebrating an artist unlike any other: Deathronic. Here is a symphonic band made up of one man, Amine Andalous. Straight from Paris, Amine created this one man band project, fusing Symphonic Black Death Metal, electronic music, oriental, doom, and just a bunch of kick-ass wicked old school heavy metal!

Deathronic’s first album, Duality Chaos, was mixed by Fredrik Nordström and Henrik Udd, at Studio FREDMAN (Gothenburg Sound bebe!) Deathronic touched on other well-known names in order to put this album in motion. Vocals were done at the Audio Sound Art Studio in Berlin and engineered by Laurentx Etxemendi (Gojira).

Listen to “Kalila wa Dimna”

As stated on his website,, the main concept behind the debut album,  Duality Chaos, is human violence. This is a theme that can be appreciated audibly through his lyrics, as well as through the album’s artwork.

“…The idea is to denounce how human are, still today, bestial beings.    The contemporary bloody conflicts are a perfect example of this. Mankind continues     to kill for irrational reasons. In this sense, real progress, real evolution     is not measured by our technological innovations, but progress in acquiring     wisdom, “Progress of mind”. I think that the origin of that violence     is the internal duality of human beings (the struggle between Good and Evil).     Many of the worst atrocities are perpetrated in the name of subjective notions     of good or bad? A duality that gives birth to chaos…” Amine Andalous

For one man to become a band is one thing, but to become a band that makes it work, and has the business savvy to use well-seasoned talent to give a project wings, is nothing short of brilliant. That is why we at RockRevolt are humbled and honored to bestow Indie Band of the Week on Deathronic!

Connect with  Deathronic at the links below!


DEATHRONIC - forest - blue - long

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