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Tridon - logoAt RockRevolt, we feel honored and privileged to present to the world indie bands that push themselves to the limit for the passion and love of making music; with one small caveat: not only do they do it for the passion and love of making music, but they do it WELL. Tridon is one of those bands!

With more energy than a hamster on a cup of coffee brewed with Red Bull, this band delivers hard hitting vocals and powerful choruses mixed with a show that will leave a crowd breathless and begging for more. This is no joke. Chad Edwards (drums), Pon Bounsone (Bass), Mark Simpson (lead guitar), and Rick Fredrick (singer/songwriter) make-up the powerhouse that is Tridon. For each band member, Tridon is the ship on which they’ve all embarked on the journey of a life-time, and they have no intentions of ever dropping anchor.

Watch Tridon’s Salute to America’s Armed Forces


Tridon - band - membersWhat is even more impressive is that Tridon is relatively new. Forming in 2010, they have taken the bull by the horn, and lead it to the impressive place in which they stand today. Between their inception and now they have shared the stage with some pretty remarkable and established talent such as Flyleaf, LA Guns, Lynch Mob, Ted Nugent, Royal Bliss, Tesla, etc. etc. There is only one direction to go from here, and we at RockRevolt are definitely here to watch them ascend to their well merited place in Rock N Roll!

We aren’t the first to notice them either:

“TRIDON has something to say; part rebel, part political, “Last Call” is as timely as the red and blue map itself. This, ladies and gentlemen, is metal as is should be. And with any good band, mixing it up is essential. Look no further than “A Long Road Home”, a ballad of epic artistic proportions. Well done with stellar videos to boot. ”A&R Select

When people begin to take notice and sing your praises, it’s because you are doing something right! These guys are definitely on the right path!

Because of their innate talent, their superior sound, look, gusto, business savvy, we are proud to name Tridon as RockRevolt Magazine’s Indie Band of the Week!

Connect with Tridon at the links below!


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