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We just love a good battle and in an industry full of rip-off artists, contests that cost big money to enter and various other BS, we love the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands almost more than a fat kid loves cake.  Why?  Because for  over 17 years, the iconic premium guitar string manufacturer’s contest has grown to become one of the most successful live music promotions of its kind, with over 25,000 bands entering every year, offering “a platform for emerging musicians to cultivate their craft, create networks and establish a community.”  That’s the official, fancy statement.  Translation:  Holy shit!  Enter this contest because if you win, it could make your rockstar dreams come true!

welcome to rockville2Through its partnership with World’s Loudest Month, the 2014 ‘Battle Of The Bands’ is truly a friggin’ MONSTER (pun intended)! Set  to launch  at the Monster Energy’s Welcome To Rockville and Rock on the Range festivals, the winning band for each competition will receive an all-expenses paid trip to the respective festival for their onstage performance, over $15,000 in prize gear from Music Man, Drum Workshop, Zildjian, Blackstar, Apogee Electronics, Electro-Voice, TC Electronic, JH Audio and an Ernie Ball endorsement.

“The World’s Loudest Month features some of the biggest and best festivals of the year, and we’re beyond thrilled to partner with them. We’re on the hunt for some killer undiscovered bands, and look forward to hearing some great music!” said Brian Ball, Vice President of Ernie Ball Inc.

So how do you get in on this action?  Register your band via the Ernie Ball’s submission portal and platform at no cost, which will give you the opportunity to enter multiple contests, upload your music, share your profile, garner exposure and compete to be the next “Battle of the Bands Winner!”   UNLEASH THE KRAKKEN and may the best bands win!

In this latest partnership with World’s Loudest Month, entrants will have the chance to perform at one of two major festivals featuring the biggest names in rock music: Monster Energy’s Welcome To Rockville or Rock On The Range.  In 2013, the World’s Loudest Month festivals featured over 125 artists playing for more than a quarter of a million rock music fans across the country over five consecutive weekends.

This year’s World’s Loudest Month festival series kicks off in Florida with Monster Energy’s Welcome To Rockville on April 26 and 27, where the two-day destination music festival will feature a massive all-star rock lineup including co-headliners Avenged SevenfoldThe CultRob Zombie, Korn, Five Finger Death Punch and Staind. A few weeks later, one of the biggest and most-acclaimed active rock festivals, Rock On The Range on May 16, 17 and 18 in Columbus, Ohio, will feature live performances by music greats including Guns N’ Roses, Avenged Sevenfold, Kid Rock and many more.

2014 Battle of the Bands Prizes:ROTR2014

All-Expenses Paid trip to Columbus, OH to play LIVE at Rock on the Range or All-Expenses Paid trip to Jacksonville , FL to play LIVE at Monster Energy’s Welcome To Rockville and over $15,000 worth of musical gear. 

2014 World’s Loudest Month Battle of the Bands festival events & dates:

•          Monster Energy’s Welcome To Rockville: April 26 & 27 in Jacksonville, Florida

•          Rock On The Range: May 16, 17 & 18 in Columbus, Ohio

•          Further information:  and  Visit for more details and to download the World’s Loudest Month app.



  1. Cathercist and Righteous Vendetta deserved to win. Both are great hard working bands that struggle to make it from city to city with limited funds. This statement that it was pre-planned or fixed is misguided conspiracy theory.

  2. total scam, winning bands were picked BEFORE the contest was held. look a the tow that won, they are on tour together.

  3. Eva Anderson // May 8, 2014 at 7:56 pm // Reply

    It seems like the industry is “full of rip-off artists” – is Ernie Ball one of them? Via their contests they definitely seem to be part of “one of the most successful live music promotions of its kind,” with over 25,000 participating bands every year bringing a lot of FREE advertising and promotion for Ernie Ball, their sponsors and the festivals. Their contests may be free to enter (and I’m not sure how many bands have succeeded in gaining new fans from solely participating), but bands certainly have put a lot of time and effort, at the risk of burning out their fans, into Ernie Ball’s publicity machine… Someone did a little research and posted the following on many of the participating band’s pages on Facebook:

    “Hello! I’m Miss Anonymous! I see you were in the Battle of the Bands for Rock on the Range…unfortunately, you and the other 1,400+ bands that entered and spent almost 2 months of your time promoting and asking your Fans, Family, and Friends to Vote everyday, never even had a chance it seems! Just read the article below entitled “Rock on the Range/Rockville – Battle of the Truth” and decide for yourself!? What’s the incentive of even having a Battle of the Bands then you might ask? How about almost 2 months of FREE Promotion for Rock on the Range, Rockville, and Ernie Ball Guitar Strings from the 1,400+ bands, band members, friends, family, and fans. It’s only obvious these 2 bands were chosen before these 2 battles even started, just do the simple research and you’ll see for yourself. Sorry, but the music bizz still sucks, and it’s still dirty, but I’m washing my hands on this 1 for sure!

    (((Please “SHARE” this and let’s inform the masses!)))

    “Rock on the Range/Rockville – Battle of the Truth”

    Ernie Ball Guitar Strings recently offered a great opportunity to perform at one of the biggest festivals in the country – ROCK ON THE RANGE – which takes place for 3 days once a year in Columbus OH.

    This year Ernie Ball Guitar Strings and Rock on the Range teamed up to put together a Battle of the Bands. One lucky band would win $15,000 in new equipment and open the show. The contest started in late Feb 2014 and ended in mid-April. Fans, Family, and Friends were able to vote for their favorite band everyday to try and get their band Buzz% as high as they could get it. There were more than 1,400 bands that entered the contest.

    Competing bands were told that the top 100 bands would make it to the final elimination stage, with one finalist from that group being chosen by a panel of judges.

    On April 29 Ernie Ball announced that the band RIGHTEOUS VENDETTA had been chosen to play at Rock on the Range. Ernie Ball also did the same exact battle of the bands for another festival called ROCKVILLE, in Jackson, FL that took place on April 26. The winning band for Rockville was CATHERCIST.

    Interesting fact, both bands RIGHTEOUS VENDETTA and CATHERCIST, had already been touring together since early April and are both managed by the same guy, Erik Baker (Street Smart Marketing). Both bands “happened” to have the same night off (Saturday, April 26 – who doesn’t book a Saturday in the middle of a tour?) to participate in the Rockville festival, and their tour ends May 13 in Ohio, just in time for the Rock on the Range festival on May 16, which is also in Ohio.

    Ernie Ball, 2 festivals, both bands managed by Erik Baker, won both Ernie Ball sponsored events, touring together, both bands off and just in time for the two music festivals?

    Coincidence? Or Pre-Planned?”

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