FooFighters-226Dave Grohl has revealed that he is heading home to America to start work on a new Foo Fighters album today (February 21).

The frontman had been in the UK earlier this week promoting his new movie Sound City and also played a gig with his new supergroup, the Sound City Players, at London’s Kentish Town Forum on Tuesday (February 19).  

Speaking at the Brit Awards last night (February 20), Grohl revealed to host James Corden during the ceremony that he is now on his way home and will start work on the next Foo Fighters album, saying,  “I return to Los Angeles tomorrow to start work on a Foo Fighters record.” in a report by the British website NME.com

However, it does not appear that the album will be on stereos any time soon with Grohl’s only word on a release date being “eventually.”

Grohl  hinted at his “awesome plans” for the next Foo Fighters album to MTV News in FooFighters-200January, stating:  “We have a plan, we know exactly what’s coming next and I have the music for the next record and we’re going to start working on it once we finish doing all this stuff. We have really awesome, big plans for the next album and I’m really excited about it.”

Foo Fighters released their last album ‘Wasting Light’ in 2011. 




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