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sun.albumThe term “Super Group” is one that hasn’t been thrown around too much in the industry as of late.  Thank goodness there are a few artists around who know exactly what is needed to form such a group.  Sass Jordans latest project is definitely worthy of dusting off that label and making it shine brightly.  She fronts a band called S.U.N. –  Something Unto Nothing, which also includes Brian Tichy (Whitesnake/Foreigner) on guitar, Michael Devin (Whitesnake/Jason Bonham/Kenny Wayne Sheppard) on bass and Tommy Stewart (Godsmack/Fuel/Everclear) on drums.

The band just released their self-titled debut album and it’s a power-packed rock and roll revival with a vintage feel yet manages to sound current.  The album has a vintage feel to it while still managing to sound current.  For those of us who have yearned for some solid, rock and roll the way it used to be, break out your air guitars because there are plenty of opportunities to solo on this one.  

The album opens with the Zeppelinish track “Burned” and Sass hooks you right in from her acapella intro, which sets the tone of bluesy riffs and the Bonzo-esque drumming that are predominately featured throughout the album.  

“Nomad” features some nasty bass smacking from Mr. Devin as well as a tasty solo from Tichy. The single “I’m The One” is one of those feel good songs that you love to roll down the car windows and blast while on a long road trip. I dare you not to do the handclaps – go ahead, I dare you!  

Watch the video for “I’m The One”

“No Way Home” is another toe tapper that you can envision being played in a dive bar with people all around drinking, dancing and having a great time.

The band does manage to slow things down a few times on the album.  Sass really shines on the power ballad “If I Was You” as her gritty delivery, especially on the chorus, is powerful and full of emotion.  “Wide Ocean” is a slower, acoustic type of ballad up until the chorus, and then the power kicks in.  There’s just something about the line “so pleased to meet you, been certified insane” that transcends from the song.

The title cut is the musical equivalent of the old “which came first, the chicken or the egg” saying. Did the song sun.groupcome first or did the band’s name come first?  It’s an epic selection both in length as it clocks in at almost seven minutes and in its structure.  There are more layers to this song that your grandma’s famous German chocolate cake.  Rock songs on this level and this ambitious just don’t seem to exist anymore.  I guess there’s a whole generation who are so exposed to disposable “stuff” on the radio that they can’t handle a seven minute song of such complexity.  If a song has never taken you on a journey before, then listen to this one with your headphones on and close your eye.  If it doesn’t move you, then I truly feel sorry for you for missing out.

Overall, it’s a solid album from beginning to end.  Yes, there are some songs that stand out more than others, but I don’t think any track could be considered “filler” material.  Sass Jordan hasn’t rocked on a release like this in years. Her gritty, whiskey soaked vocals are better than ever.  Brian Tichy may have been playing drums in Whitesnake the last few years, but this guy is also a beast on the guitar.  The rhythm section, comprised of Devin and Stewart, are as good as they come.  They’re a solid and tight combination that provides the driving backbeat of the band.

The new album by S.U.N. is available at select Best Buy’s, independent record stores across the nation and online.  Go to for more information.  

Be sure to check out the fun interview I had  with Sass in the upcoming March/April RockRevolt™Magazine!  

Johnny Price, Journalist – RockRevolt™Magazine


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  1. Tichy also kicked ass on the drums for this CD.

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