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The red and black are back! TURISAS are giving us a little preview for their highly anticipated album Turisas2013, out in North America on September 2. Here’s the opening track on their probably just as awesome album, “For Your Own Good”! 

Turisas2013 is a very varied album, it has some of the heaviest and fastest tracks that we’ve ever done, but ‘For Your Own Good’ comes more from the lighter end,” says TURISAS frontman Mathias Nygard. “It’s a very catchy song and we hope you’ll enjoy the track that we picked to give you a very first taste of the many flavours to come.” 

In addition to its September 3 release in North America, Turisas2013 is scheduled for worldwide releases August 21 in Finland, August 26 in Europe, and September 2 in the U.K. 

The new album was produced by vocalist Mathias Nygard, and was recorded by Nygard and guitarist Jussi Wickstrom in a remote house outside of Helsinki, Finland.The mixing and mastering was done in London at Orgone Studios with producer Jaime Gomez Arellano [Ghost B.C., Cathedral, Primordial, Ulver]. 

turisas2013Turisas2013 Track Listing:

1. For Your Own Good

2. Ten More Miles

3. Piece by Piece

4. Into The Free

5. Run Bhang-Eater, Run!

6. Greek Fire

7. The Days Passed

8. No Good Story Ever Starts With Drinking Tea

9. We Ride Together




TURISAS are: Mathias Nygard – vocals,Jussi Wickstrom – guitar, Olli Vanska – violin,

 Robert Engstrand – keyboards, Jaakko Jakku – drums, Jesper Anastasiadis – bass 





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