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SUSHI GIRL ROCKS!I know. We are all guilty of it at some point or another. At some time in our lives we have downloaded music/movies/software/etc. etc. You are sheepishly looking around and squirming at your desk, pointing at your neighbor, “Was it you? It wasn’t ME! I don’t do such things!” Save it Skippy. We all do it. It’s like masturbating: not necessarily something that we do in public, let alone speak about; yet, it happens. What happens when you get caught though? That’s when your personal “giggety-giggety” goes sour and there is really nothing to say for yourself, because um…you got caught red-handed with your hands down your pants and a “deer-caught-in-the-headlights” look on your face. You’ve got some splainin to do! I’ve caught you more than once whackin-off in the tool shed!

What happens when you get caught downloading and uploading illegally? Well, depending on the content and who catches you, your reactions may be something akin to having your mom walk in on you with your junk in your hand, or you may not necessarily care. Who cares about all this online internet stuff? If I can download it, it must be free!

So thought some downloading hooligans who were enabling a bit torrent of an indie movie by the name of Sushi Girl.

Sushi Girl featuring Mark Hamill, Michael Biehn, Tony Todd and Noah Hathaway, among others, is a flick about a guy that gets out of jail after taking the rap for a diamond robbery. His release is “celebrated” by his ex-associates who have less than altruistic motives in store for him. All the while, the sushi girl, on whom their meal is served, is like to a fly on the wall while the shit begins to hit the fan in a dangerous way around her.

Sounds like my kind of movie! We have Luke Skywalker, Kyle Reese, Candyman, and Atreyu ALL IN THE SAME MOVIE! The nerdlet in me just sported some outrageously crazy O-face! Apparently it was somebody else’s kind of movie too, so much in fact that they wanted it for free and wanted to give it away for free. Not so fast my thieving friends!

The director Kern Saxton confronted the thieving ass-hats on their torrent.


 BOOM! That just happened!

I must say, Kern must be a saint. I know my dirty sailor of a mouth and I don’t know if I would have been so civil if someone were stealing and giving away the fruit of my artistic endeavors. Kudos to Kern! Way to stop ass-hattery in its tracks!

Sushi Girl is now on VOD. Watch it – legally! It’s also coming to select theaters on January 4th – GO SEE IT! Watching Sushi Girl is definitely high up there on my New Year’s resolutions, right above item #2 which is to stop getting caught masturbating…

~Alice Roques, Co-Founder and Managing Editor of RockRevolt™ Magazine

Also, if you haven’t seen it, RockRevolt™ interviewed Noah Hathaway, the “protagonist” of Sushi Girl. His interview is featured in the December 2012 issue. Check it out by clicking the picture of his cuteness below! He’s not the goodie goodie boy you remember from back in the day (Neverending Story)! He’s all grown up and definitely not the guy you take home to meet your parents…you would take him home though (meow)! You will LOVE reading about his thoughts on Sushi Girl.

Noah Hathaway

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  1. Really Appreciate this post, can you make it so I get an alert email when you publish a fresh update?

    • Thank you for following. Subscribe to our page, and any update will alert you with an email. Keep on reading and ROCK ON! m/
      Thank you,

  2. This was a really well written piece. I had never heard of this Sushi Girl movie, but I sure as fuck won’t be trying to illegally downloaded it! ha!
    It’s actually playing in a theater in my town in January so I’m gonna go check it out. Thanks!

    • Thank you! We’ll be checking it out as well! Tell us your thoughts when you see it! I’m expecting it to be as badass!

      • minimidget361 // December 24, 2012 at 8:12 pm // Reply

        I actually went to the red carpet premiere for this movie and i recommend this movie to everyone. It was so bad ass, the story was great and the acting was very well done. I also got to meet the director and yes he is that awesome. I will say to you as I say to everyone, GO SEE THIS DAMN MOVIE.
        Merry Christmas.

        • LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY!!! Guess who is UBER jealous…ME!
          I haven’t heard about it coming out in theaters near me yet; however, it is DEFINITELY AT THE TOP of my must see movies before the year is over.
          Thanks for reading and posting, and a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS to you too 🙂

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