mitch.lucker.4A video of the final interview ever done by Mitch Lucker on October 20, 2012 has been uploaded to YouTube.  Mitch appears in the video with all of the members of Suicide Silence (Chris Garza -Guitar, Mark Heylmun – Guitar,
Alex Lopez – Drums and Dan Kenny – Bass) discussing a toy charity event that they initiated for a local children’s charity.  

The video shows the whole band shopping for and then delivering the toys to the Boys & Girls Club dressed with Santa hats on.   The band expanded on future plans to hold a benefit concert in the month of December to raise more money and toy donations for children.  

Tragically, that Charity Christmas Concert did not take place.  Instead, a Memorial Tribute Concert was held on December 21, 2012  for Mitch Lucker, who passed away on November 1st after a motorcycle accident in California.  100% of the donations raised from the concert, DVD sales of the concert and contributions to the Mitch Lucker Memorial Fund will go to the education of Lucker’s daughter, Kenadee.  

To hear Mitch on this interview talking in such a loving and giving way is simply heartbreaking.  The world was robbed not only of his talent, but of his spiritual nature that believed in giving back to others:  “You don’t do something because you HAVE to do it.  You do it because you CAN do something about it.  You WANT to.”

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  1. Wow….i read this to use information for my English speech but ended up watching the video. Put me in tears. R.I.P Mitch. For ever in our hearts. <3

  2. Ah man…this was so sad and yet great at the same time. He had so much to give still in life, music and family. Really don’t know if there is a tomorrow, so I’m going to make today great for Mitch. RIP brother