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lostprophets.pic2Lostprophets issued a statement in response to Thursday’s news that their singer had appeared before a court facing charges relating to child sex offenses. 

A statement on the Welsh band’s official website reads:

“Following charges made against Ian Watkins, we find ourselves in a state of shock. We are learning about the details of the investigation along with you. It is a difficult time for us and our families, and we want to thank our fans for their support as we seek answers.” ~ Jamie, Lee, Luke, Mike and Stu

The website has been wiped of all information except the statement.  Their Facebook band page has nothing new, but there are heated debates going on in old threads where thousands of comments are being left in support of the band and  some pleas for people to stick to the  “innocent until proven guilty” theory.  *(Editors response at the end of this article)

As we reported on Thursday, Watkins had appeared before Cardiff magistrates facing a total of six charges relating to sexual offences against two young children.

The 35-year-old is accused of conspiracy to rape a female under 13 – now confirmed to be a one-year-old girl. He has been charged with two incidents of conspiring to engage in sexual touching with two young children and four offences relating to making, possessing and distributing indecent images of children. The court heard that 40 images of children and child abuse were being investigated by police.

The Mirror reports that Watkins also stands accused of possessing “extreme” pornography involving animals.

The conspiracy offences were alleged to have taken place between May 1 and December 17, 2012, when Watkins was arrested. The pornography charges relate to a period between August 12 and December 17.

Watkins appeared in Cardiff magistrates court wearing a black hoody, looking “visibly tired” during the 90-minute hearing, according to eyewitnesses. Defending barrister Tom Crowther said his client would be denying charges, but a plea is not required at this stage of proceedings.

Two women aged 20 and 24 from Doncaster and Bedford also appeared in court. The 24-year-old womanlostprophets_videogb is alleged to have conspired with Watkins to rape the one-year-old and has been charged with the same offences. The 20-year-old woman is charged with five of the same offences, but not conspiracy to rape. Neither woman can be identified due to legal reasons.

Bail applications by all three were refused and they have been remanded in custody until their appearance at Cardiff Crown Court on December 31. Watkins’ mother, who was sitting in the public gallery, reportedly offered to put forward her house as a surety.

Police have urged anyone with concerns or information relating to the investigation to get in touch. Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Operation Globe incident room on 0800 056 0154; or NSPCC on 0800 389 5347 or email Overseas callers are asked to phone 00 44 207 158 0011.

Lostprophets formed in Pontypridd in 1997 and released debut album ‘Thefakesoundofprogress’ in 2000. The band’s fifth album, ‘Weapons’, was released on April 2, 2012. The BBC reports that future Lostprophets live dates have been immediately cancelled.

* EDITOR RESPONSE:  Yes, the court has to prove the charges of conspiracy to rape this baby girl and sexually touch two other small children – that’s a given. However, they obviously have some strong evidence to substantiate the charges; especially since this arrest would be in the spotlight. When you compound those charges with the fact that Watkins also was charged with the possession and intent to distribute over 40 images depicting child sex abuse, well come on! Normal people just don’t have pictures of child porn in their home unless they’re into that kind of thing, do they? Seriously!  Then throw in that this sick bastard had pictures of “extreme ANIMAL pornography” too?  Exactly what the hell is THAT?  I could have lived the rest of my life not even having to imagine what that shit is!  (I simply refuse to Google it)

Now that I’ve had my rant, I’d like to add that Watkins will get his day in court.  The evidence will be presented and we shall see what happens.  In the interim, I truly do feel sorry for the rest of the band members of Lostprophets.  After so many years of creating a band and a brand, to have it all go to shit over one of the member’s actions sucks for them.  If they did not know that their singer was a twisted scumbag, which by all accounts they DID NOT, then they should not be held in the same light.  It’s easy to judge, but one never knows what’s going on inside someone’s head. Unfortunately for them, their lead singer allegedly likes to have sex with babies and animals. Even if proven innocent, it’s going to be a tough, tough thing to overcome the stigma, if possible at all. Those dudes are probably going to have to change their name and start all over again.  I think this may just be the death of Lostprophets.  In the big picture though…if innocent children were harmed in such a way, then what the fuck difference does a BAND mean anyway?   Nothing.  

~ Valerie King, Editor-In-Chief – RockRevolt™Magazine


  1. I realize this comment comes a bit tardy but feel compelled to share. In my 38 years in this life, (one rife with issues of depression, suicide attempts and instability, not to mention social ineptitude and isolation) I have spent the bulk of my energy probing for the cause of said issues. A few months back, I came to what now seems an obvious conclusion that my own father violently raped me at age 2 1/2 and my mother has since maintained a stance of denial in the matter even in light of the physical trauma it caused me for years. I want people to know that even though I cannot recall the act, it has impacted every concievable aspect of my life in debilitating ways for which I cannot impress the magnitude. These types of offenders are far worse than those who murder. One never heals from this type of pain, which follows me every day in this life regardless of years of dealing with my issues head-on. I was robbed of any possibility of normalcy and ability to maintain proper stability for employment to support myself financially. The humane thing to do would have been to kill me afterward.

  2. mike wilkinson // February 11, 2014 at 10:36 am // Reply

    What watkins has done is beyond sick and hes lucky a prison sentence is all he got. However I would like to say to all the other members of Lost Prophets PLEASE DONT STOP MAKING MUSIC! Get a new front man and dont let the actions of one very sick individual destroy the great volume of work the band has done. Your music has got me through some of the toughest times in my life and it sickens me now that when I hear an LP song it just reminds me of that sick bastard!

    • As I agree they have made great music, I do believe the band name will always have a stigma attached. Move on, change the name.

  3. Anybody who believes this man does not deserve punishment to the full extent has some serious moral issues. Quit being a fan and become human

  4. Yes dear editor, you are 100% right. Killer bees, bring it on. The fact that is he is a rock god is totally irrelevant. Of course he is guilty, he has admitted it and there is video evidence. (which traumatized the people who saw it.) I hope he learns the meaning of rough , painful , forced sex in jail. I hope he is used and abused everyday for the rest of his miserable life. He deserves it all. The Mothers!!! of the children helped him WTF.!!!. I find it hard to believe those close to him didn’t know that he is a sick fuck. But surely they did not know just how sick. !!! Let justice prevail . Adults should protect children and animals, they should not fuck or hurt them . End of story.

  5. Death Penalty for these C@@@@ are the best way to deal with these oxygen thieves.! Family and friends of theirs that think its a minor thing should be convicted the same way! Denial is nothing more than an excuse!

  6. I don’t think there are the words to describe this piece of filth. Justice will hopefully be served to him inside prison.

  7. Evangelist1975 // December 20, 2013 at 3:21 pm // Reply

    I am truly saddened to hear about this horrific acts against these innocent children and also the animals. According to Scripture any man or woman, that have sexual acts with animals

    shall surley be put to death. Leviticus 20:15-16. IAN Watkins a
    and these females are without excuse and have a far worse fate then prison. A first and second death coming. The wrath of man cannot compare to the wrath of God.

  8. While the ‘act’ was horrendous the ‘baby’ (now, presumably, fostered or adopted) will know – even – be persuaded to know nothing in future unless some horrible trolling right or rite of knowing pursues the child into later life and reveals to them their terrible history.

  9. The editor says “Hi Lisa: I completely agree with everything you wrote here” – including the part about hoping dearly for the reinstatement of the Death Penalty? You are editor of a magazine called “Rock Revolt”; I invite you to measure the distance between the kind of easy-peasy Daily Mail hanging fever being displayed in yours and Lisa’s comments, and any meaningful “Rock and Roll” or “radical” attitude to the world. I’m sorry it is just laughable.

    By the way, in saying this I am not saying that Ian Watkins should not be dealt with harshly.

    • You argument is perplexing. Just because I’m the editor of a magazine called “Rock Revolt” doesn’t mean that I am not entitled to an opinion, nor should my opinions be prejudiced by the nature of the magazine for which I edit/write. I don’t think there’s a harsh enough punishment for someone that rapes a baby – death penalty, anally raped until his insides explode, attacked by killer bees whilst enjoying his 30 minutes of “outside time”…I don’t care. He has NO REMORSE (see today’s report on his recorded phone calls) and even if he did, that sort of thing cannot be erased – from time, memory, conviction or heart. I’m personally hoping he gets anally raped while being attacked by killer bees. Now that…WOULD ROCK – harshly!

      • Of course you are entitled to an opinion, everyone is; I’m saying that your opinion so far amounts to simple bloodlust (“i hope he gets anally raped until his insides explode” etc. etc.), which does not “rock” in my opinion. But then I suppose I’m naive enough to have thought a Rock focused web mag with things like “BRING THE REVOLUTION BACK TO THE PEOPLE!” on it might have some, you know, editorial values of a progressive-ish nature. My mistake of course.

        • Valerie King // December 18, 2013 at 1:19 pm // Reply

          “Editorial values of a progressive-ish nature” does not apply to baby rape. REVOLUTION/REVOLT in and of itself by definition means to rise up and go against something. I officially am against baby rape and pedophilia. I find it REVOLTING. There is nothing “progressive” in which I can offer other than a bunch of psycho-babble from studies done on pedophiles and spew recidivism rates for sex offenders, which I don’t care to do. I don’t believe there is a “progressive” solution to address people that like kids for sex.

        • Alice Roques // December 18, 2013 at 1:23 pm // Reply

          I guess it depends on who you speak to at the magazine Brazen Radish. It’s one of the benefits of having multiple people with varying opinions on various subjects. I (Alice – Co-founder and Managing Editor) put up a piece not to long ago about my opinion regarding the whole ordeal, where I focus more on the victims instead of the perpetrator, as well as encouraging the reporting of sexual abuse to the appropriate authorities. Was a heinous crime committed? Yes. How people decide to act or feel about it is always going to be subjective, but regardless, everyone is entitled to their own sentiments according to their own experiences. The revolution is still up to the people, and how they go about pushing that revolution is truly at the people’s discretion.
          Rock on my friend,

        • It does rock !! “Rock Revolution” does not compare to baby rape, you fool,they are two different things. and bloodlust !! well who does not want revenge for the violation of innocent children. anyone normal, I would hope!!!

      • On your side VK. Death Penalty. These bastards don’t need take up anymore space on this Earth!! Along with any followers still!

  10. As a student in crime and investigation I am aware of legal implications of all crimes, however I just do not understand what needs to happen before both nationally and globally we realise that the battle with sex offenders is being lost. Why can the death penalty not be re-instated under strict restrictions such as convicted sex offenders. My suggestion is that the judges should have to look at least ten per cent of all incident images offenders have been found with, only then will they realise the enormity of what these people chose to view and engage in, perhaps it’s about time these judges need a reality check and realise for every image found is a childs innocence lost. Sad sad times and I hope in my life time, we start to see capital punishment come back into force for people who hurt others so terribly

    • Valerie King // December 17, 2013 at 8:32 pm // Reply

      Hi Lisa: I completely agree with everything you wrote here and I’m actually kind of worried about what will happen tomorrow (today in UK). Been working on an article all day in which according to Crown Court Laws/Sentencing there could be “wiggle room” for him under the revision (2008) of the definitions of “Dangerous Offender”, the fact that he is a “first time offender” (at least he’s never been caught) and he plead guilty (which doesn’t HAVE to, but could cut his sentence by as much as 1/3. It makes me sick…literally sick that he could get off without less to life or death. We shall see… 🙁

    • I know what ur saying but capital punishment cost soooo much money. Just keep them in jail. That’s a shitty life.

  11. Paul Stevens // December 1, 2013 at 5:40 am // Reply

    Watkins should be locked up and the key should be thrown away!

  12. Serious? As a writer in the media you agree that the crown must prove the charges beyond reasonable doubt, and simultaneously you deem the singer a scumbag, your mind clearly made up in doing so. It is because of these fool-hardy rants that the craft of good reporting is long dead in the water. You have no access to the brief of evidence which is yet to even be submitted. Have you not heard of the Mc Martin preschool case? Accusations were made in 1983. After three years probing, and six years of trials, no convictions resulted, and all charges were dropped in 1990. When the trial ended in 1990 it had been the longest and most expensive criminal trial in American history. All because of moral panic, thick as shit police work, gossip, rumour and innuendo. Wait the outcome, then start the judgement of him if you think it matters. Such charges are serious and either way, the accused should be given a fair hearing at the very least. Consider for a moment the implications for this person if he is innocent.

    • Alice Roques // November 27, 2013 at 1:43 pm // Reply

      We do hope that you’ve been following the case. Just yesterday he pled guilty to attempted rape and sexual assault of a child under 13.

    • The guy is sick, and you were wrong. I don’t need to call on any trials or history to say that you’re a fucking idiot. Use your intuition.

    • Are YOU serious?? Previous cases have nothing to do with it. There was video evidence. Your a fool.

    • Valerie King // January 21, 2014 at 12:42 pm // Reply

      Dear Reprobate: I am very aware of the McMartin preschool case, which is a preposterous case to cite as reference in regards to the Watkins case on many levels, but specifically the evidence (which was lacking, circumstantial and controversial in the McMartin case). There was no internet in 1983, and Steve Jobs had just come out with the first Apple computer the year before. Fast forward 30 years and the internet/technology was instrumental in resulting in these convictions.

      The crux of the matter is that the evidence in this case is iron-clad, with Watkins documenting (and saving/storing) EVERYTHING on his many computers, hard drives and cloud storage – 27 TERABYTES of evidence (if you’re not a computer person that may mean nothing – but 27 terabytes of storage is larger than the entire Cardiff Police Department’s computer storage to give you an example). Oh yes…he liked to keep everything and it’s hard to claim innocence when there is video evidence of Watkins masturbating while watching one of the defendants abuse her own child while he tells her what to do. Wake up! How much more EVIDENCE do you need than that, really?

      As a member of the press I’ve been privy to too much information to be quite frank – glaring, documented, indisputable evidence of the worst kind – far too disturbing and graphic to publish.

      That is why Watkins pleaded guilty at the 11th hour (after a jury was already chosen). He knew what the prosecution had and if the world saw the evidence, he would have nowhere to hide. Tens of thousands of graphic texts, recorded Skype sessions on which two of the incidents of which he (and the “mother”) was being charged in this case took place, videos, thousands of images of child pornography (and animal sex), emails, private messages, twitter, his accounts/profiles on sexual sites (including secret pedophile groups)…on and on. Therefore, the Crown Court didn’t HAVE to prove anything beyond a reasonable doubt – because he PLEAD GUILTY and ADMITTED to the charges (although he now claims he was on drugs and doesn’t remember …ok).

      Please read this:

      They are still mulling through all of his stored information, but what they found thus far resulted in this conviction in the UK and there is strong evidence that he might have sexually assaulted children in the US & Germany as well. If you don’t believe me…read of the international search for more victims:

      In conclusion, I am extremely secure in my assessment of Watkins as a scumbag I was being nice). After you read the document filed by the Cardiff Crown Court Justice who presided over this case and handed down the sentences and you don’t agree that he is a scumbag, then I strongly urge you to reassess your values as a human being.

      Valerie King, Editor in Chief

    • Are you serious ??? Moral panic ?? He confessed and there was video evidence. Of course the charges are accurate. There was NO thick as shit police work. The poor police had to be subjected to the video evidence. Are you a moron. the charges are NOT gossip and innuendo. He is not innocent you jerk. Of course it would be a tragedy if he is innocent, but he isn’t. CLEARLY !!!!

  13. Just when I thought that human deviance couldn’t get any worse. What a disgusting, malignant growth. There are no suitable words in any language to properly describe this gross insult to the human race. And to discover that females are involved in this abominable crime, is beyond my comprehension. I thought that the reprehensible revelations about Jimmy Saville, and the subsequent investigations into other celebrities, was bad enough. But this new case, defies belief. All Paedophiles, in my opinion deserve to be removed from this world. They are the most selfish and cowardly of all abusers. Is there nothing that humans won’t do to one another? My mind absolutely boggles at the sheer depravity. Well, somebody must’ve come to their senses, or suspicions were raised. These B…ARDS!!, should be put away for life, and nothing but!

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