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We chose STAR CITY MELTDOWN for our “Indie Band of the Week” because they damn well deserve it, and most notably for us, they recently had the courage to leave their deal with a record label behind to keep their musical integrity intact, which in our book makes STAR CITY MELTDOWN rock on multiple levels!!!!  

The five member band out of Johnson City, TN have been an explosive force in rock since they burst out of the gates with their debut album, Stick in the Eye in 2009.  They got signed by a label and began touring with Saliva which launched them into the world of rockstardom – complete with impressive record sales and a huge underground fan base.  

Life was good for Brad Dill (Vox), Lukas Patterson (Guitar/Vox), Chris Stewart (Guitar) and Cody Cupp (Bass) as they headed back to Florida in 2011 to former Creed bassist, Brett Hestla (Dark New Day, Framing Hanley, Tantric) studio to record their sophomore full-length album, which was initially entitled Razorblades and Handgrenades.  The yet-to-be released finished product was already causing major industry buzz and garnering critical acclaim; everything that a band could possibly ask for.  However, if there’s one thing in the music business that you can count on  – don’t count on anything.

And so began the major difference of opinions between SCM and their label.  The band fought long and hard to get viable support, a solid release date and for the album to get to their fans in the form and fashion in which it was meant to be heard – to no avail.  That’s when this band of brothers decided to “soldier up” and left the record label in mid-2012.   

They decided to change the album title to Music=War, as a reflection of the hellacious battle they’d just been through, and have worked out an independent release date of October 30, 2012.  The first single, “Here’s To Us!” is hitting rock radio nationwide, and constant touring is on the agenda for the remainder of the year and well into 2013 with the likes of Saliva, Art of Dying, Saving Abel, Crossfade and Korn.  




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Pre-Order your copy of Music=War on iTunes here!

Watch the new SCM lyric video for “White Trash Superstar” below & be sure to check out the featured in-depth interview with Star City Meltdown in the upcoming November issue of RockRevolt Magazine!


~ Valerie King, Editor

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  1. AWESOME article Rick! Love the site, especially the unsigned stuff…Wish we could hook UntappedRadio with this :) I will be in contact with Alice soon.