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Red Tide Rising

Ever since captivating the local scene in early 2011, Denver Hard Rock/Metal band Red Tide Rising has been hard at work. In the past two years, they have released two full length EPs, embarked on several national tours, and already have an album set to be released in late June/July. The album, entitled The Rising, has a diverse feel with a song to fit any mood.

The album’s first single, named after the album itself, The Rising, was released this past week and features a new heavier and more melodic approach from the band. When asked why The Rising was the first track to be released from the album, vocalist Matt Whiteman explained that it was the song that best described the album and what the band was trying to accomplish with it. The album is full of bad-ass riffs and solos that will make any guitar player jealous, melodic and heavy vocals that will be stuck in your head for weeks, topped off with such a groovy and tight bass and drum section that it would be impossible to not want to get up and move around to it. On top the bad-assery that is The Rising, Red Tide Rising‘s live show is known for making fans go absolutely crazy night after night, no matter what part of the country they are in. With the combination of an amazing live show, as well as over the top studio work, Rock Revolt Magazine is proud to call Red Tide Rising our Indie Band of the Week.

To accompany a single from the album, Red Tide Rising has released a music video for the song Unholy. The video, directed by Mel Haynes Jr., features a unique, visually captivating side of the song that the band pushed to capture.  

Watch the video for “Unholy”


Along with the release of the Album, the band plans to embark on a US tour covering a large number of the states. After touring the better half of 2012 with California rockers In This Moment, Red Tide Rising is no stranger to the road, and can guarantee an energy packed live show that the fans will go crazy night after night.


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