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Holy Shit!   Those were the first two words that sprang to mind as the opening notes of “The Aftermath” blasted forth from my headphones.  There is no slow buildup or time wasted getting to know you on their latest album All Out War. Incite kicks in your door, trashes your home, drinks all your beer and leaves with your girlfriend. These guys aren’t here to fuck around and it shows.

All Out War is the second full album from Arizona thrash quartet Incite, and shows a level of maturity and tightness that exceeds anything else they’ve produced to date.  New guitarist Gene Macazan is a monster and clearly capable of not only keeping up but taking Incite to new heights, delivering some great guitar hooks that really exceed your expectations of a typical thrash band. Check out “Feel The Flames” for an example of where Macazan really shines.

Richie Cavalera (vocals), of course, has an impressive pedigree having grown up the stepson of Max Cavalera (Sepultura, Soulfly) and has been in the heavy scene since he was a kid. Needless to say, he doesn’t disappoint here either and delivers a boneshattering performance, transitioning from screams to guttural growls with ease and tearing that shit up like a fat kid at an ice cream buffet.

No mention of a thrash lineup is complete without diving into the backbone of the band, and the team of Luis Marrufo (bass) and Zak Sofaly (drums) deliver a solid foundation filled with arrhythmia inducing solos of their own.

If you’re looking to piss off your neighbors, or at least rattle a few walls, be sure to crank up “Retaliation” or “Exposed” to full volume and be prepared for a sonic jackhammer session (and possibly a visit from the police.)

Seriously, don’t be a tightass. These guys are worth cracking open your wallet for.  Easily one of the best thrash albums I’ve listened to in a while. They get 5/5 skulls!

~Chris Williams – Journalist with RockRevolt™ Magazine

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  1. Spot on with this write-up, I truly feel this album may be one of their best yet. Good job RockRevolt!

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