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Humble, yet confident, passionate and ready to rock your face off is a way to describe the New Castle, Indiana based rock quintet known as The Protest.  RockRevolt™ recently spoke with drummer extraordinaire Jarob “The Animal” Bramlett, who is rock steady about the band’s smokin’ hot music and the importance of faith to the band, both in its music and its conviction.

Jarob, along with his brother Josh Bramlett (vocals), TJ Colwell (rhythm guitar), Adam Sadler (lead guitar) and Chase Reagan (bass) have recently issued their debut full-length album entitled Game Changer, and as the title suggests, it might just be that.  The Protest has been tearing up internet rock radio station charts since they teased fans with a 5-Song EP release in early 2012 and the band’s singles “We Will Rise” and “Throw The Roses” have reached #3 and #1 respectively on multiple stations!   What we hear in The Protest’s early pleasing and chest thumping songs is that this is just the beginning as this game changer charges forward.

Interview with Jarob “Animal” Bramlett of The Protest

Rick/RR:  Jarob, thank you for spending a little time hanging out with RockRevolt!

Jarob/TP:  Hey Rick! Thanks for interviewing me!

Rick/RR:   Besides being a highly talented new active hard rock act from New Castle, Indiana, what else would you like to add to that to introduce the band?

Jarob/TP:   We have a desire for change; a desire for revival.  The momentum God is giving us is snow balling into such a strong hunger for this.  We thrive in a live setting.  I don’t think you’ll leave a show without feeling encouraged, pumped up, and without thinking we have completely lost our minds.

Rick/RR:  The Protest is currently riding the wave created by the recent release of your first full-length TP newcdgamechanger coverproject entitled Game Changer.  How has the response been so far to the ten song gem?

Jarob/TP:  Man, it has been nothing short of amazing.  Having released the album in August, Game Changer has accomplished a lot so far.  “Throw the Roses” was number one for eight weeks and we were the third most requested band in 2012 on ChristianHardRock.Net.  We currently are numbers two and three on their charts as well.  Our video for “We Will Rise” has appeared on TV many times and has even played on MTV and MTV.COM!

Rick/RR:  Not to mention more of the same on Fuel Radio and Untapped Radio.  The album was produced by Travis Wyrick (Disciple, The Letter Black, Pillar, Since October).  I have to say he is on a short list of producers that I just pretty much pick up as soon as the title is released.  I can always expect two things:  it will be a top notch rock act and the production will be of the highest quality.  Both of these hold true with Game Changer.

Jarob/TP:  Working with Travis was interesting.  He is a man with so much knowledge and confidence.  He did what a producer should do; he tore us down and built us up.  He helped a lot with the arrangement of songs, suggested a lot, and just really coached the whole thing.  All the writing was done by us along with the help of Mark Anthony (The Letter Black) and Mike Dearing on a few songs.

Rick/RR:  What I enjoy in particular with The Protest is your ability to be everything about the active rock style while seemingly being able to pull in some of the cooler elements that made arena/hair rock the bomb back in the day (image, stage presence, guitar solos, etc.).  Is this by design?

Jarob/TP:  I don’t know if it’s by design or just influence. (laughs) No, we do these things because we love them.  We want a modern heavy rock sound, but we love guitar harmonies and solos, catchy melodies and big drum sounds.  We try to incorporate that nostalgic feeling into our music.

Rick/RR:   The album single “Throw The Roses” is currently charting well on several internet rock and traditional “over the air” radio stations.  It appears that fans are also taking a liking to The Protest!

“Throw The Roses”

Jarob/TP:  Yeah, it is so cool to travel and meet people that already know your music by heart.  We are truly blessed and honored to do this and blessed by the radio stations that play our stuff!  And by awesome rock magazines that interview us too! (Laughs)

Jarob The Protest #2Rick/RR:  Prior to the full-length being released, you teased fans earlier this year by putting out an EP and a pre-advance single for the song “We Will Rise.”   Like the current single, that song took off and charted #1 on those and other outlets within weeks, maybe days. Your batting average seems to be pretty good right now.  What do you attribute that to?

Jarob/TP:   Honestly that is all God’s doing.  He has been opening doors since day one.  We also have a great team of people who we love dearly working with us for radio promotions, booking, and managing.

Rick/RR:  The video for “We Will Rise” is pretty cool as well.  It really shows in a unique and edgy metaphoric way the struggle of someone being beaten down by society, naysayers, etc.

Jarob/TP:  Thanks Rick!  That is exactly what we were trying to portray with that video.  When you’re being beaten and you’re suffering, stay strong in what you believe.  We almost rejoice in those times!  Because we’re suffering for Christ!  Director Adam Shewmaker did a fantastic job getting our point across.  The lyrics in the chorus pretty much sum up the video and sum up The Protest:  “Though thousands stack up against me, I’ll never back down til’ I die!”

“We Will Rise”

Rick/RR:  Besides the input Travis Wyrick provided on the production side, I believe he had some influence on the decision to record a cover of Phil Collins “In The Air Tonight” in your rockin’ way for the album!

Jarob/TP:  Yeah he did actually.  That spot on the record was in between another original or the cover of “In the Air Tonight”.  Travis liked the idea of the cover and we all agreed it could be a cool attribute of the album.

“In The Air Tonight”

Rick/RR:  The band has been out on the road in 2012 on a couple of different occasions this year.  You shared stages with several other bands that rock our faces off including some of my favorites in Nine Lashes, Sent By Ravens, Icon For Hire and most recently Awaken and Lastwatch to name a few.  Give us a few highlights from this year.

Jarob/TP:  Man, 2012 has been a blast!  In the spring we hit the road with Nine Lashes, Sent By Ravens, Pure Star Movement and Failed Escape for about three weeks.  We opened up for Tesla in the summer and played with many national acts such as Icon For Hire, Disciple, Family Force 5 and Brian “Head” Welch of Love and Death.  We recently got off another three week tour with Awaken and Lastwatch.  We’ve met some of the best people in the world, seen this beautiful country, and spread the message of Hope everywhere we went.  Expect to be seeing more of us in 2013!

Rick/RR:  As a drummer, what are your weapons of choice to tear up the stage and studio with?Jarob The Protest

Jarob/TP:  Right now I’m playing a Pearl Session Custom live.  I just got into the Risen Drum family though and will soon be proudly playing a custom kit I designed with them.  As far as cymbals go, I play what I can get my hands on. I go through cymbals like crazy.  In the studio, I used a few different snares to match the feel of the song. A Morgan Rose signature Pearl snare was used a lot, a deep Risen snare and a Ludwig Black Beauty is another.

Rick/RR:  Biggest drummer influence?

Jarob/TP:  I grew up air drumming to a lot of classic rock stuff and KISS would have to be up there with my favorite bands.  I took a great liking to their second drummer Eric Carr.  He had a certain style and charisma about him and his playing was HUGE sounding.  The drumming on KISS’s “Creatures of the Night” album is so powerful.  I also look up to Seth Hostetter, Buddy Rich, Adam Kronshagen, and Brent Easton.

Rick/RR:  Where is the best place for fans to go (right now in fact) and pick up your music?

Jarob/TP:  Our music is available on our website and on  iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, etc. or come out to a live show and pick up a copy!

Rick/RR:  Jarob, it has been real.  Thanks again for hanging out.

Jarob/TP:  Thanks so much Rick for talking with me, God bless brother.

By:  Rick Lindner, Journalist – RockRevolt™Magazine

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