ALBUM REVIEW: RED FANG – Whales and Leeches

 BAND: Red Fang / ALBUMWhales and Leeches / LABEL: Relapse Records

Release:  10.3.2013 (US), 10.11.2013 (Germany), 10.14.2013 (UK & World)

red.fang.albumWith Red Fang’s newest album, Whales and Leeches, coming out in October, many fans are wondering: can Red Fang follow such a strong last release with an even stronger new release, or will they be doomed to do as countless other bands have done and let us down on their third record? After all, their second album, Murder the Mountains is hands down one of the mightiest releases of the past decade; taking all of the best elements of Red Fang‘s self-titled debut and then proceeded to kick them into hyper drive.

My question is…have they pulled out what is set to be a strong contender for the fucking “Record of The Year” with Wales and Leeches?  Quite possibly.  

Whales and Leeches has a different much edgier feel than Murder the Mountains, which was an almost punk experience.  I say almost…Red Fang is not a punk band, but you can certainly hear the punk rock influence in there. Whales and Leeches walks the line between a sludge-factory and a prog festival attended by punks. The musicianship on Murder the Mountains trembles in Whales and Leeches’ immense anthem-toting shadow.  It’s almost eclipsed by it completely.  And leading that anthem is:  Bryan Giles (Guitar/Vox), Aaron Beam ( Bass/Vox), David Sullivan ( Guitar) and John Sherman (Drums)

“Blood Like Cream” is the undeniable proof of this. The pounding chorus screaming:  “Churn it up!“— is a fist-pumping, mosh-pitting, vocal-cord-scraping monster. Visions of me losing my voice at a summer festival come to mind as this track blisters your ear drums for three and a half minutes.  It’s half evil, baby!!!!  I caught Red Fang at Australia’s Sound Wave Festival earlier this year and they are a live act that you just have to see to believe!  I had a bangover that lasted for days…but I digress. Get out your straws, kids,  and take a big, juicy suck of some “Blood Like Cream”…