Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons of  KISS, plan to open a new restaurant together called Rock & Brews in Overland Park, Kansas within the next year.

Stanley said in a press release that the store will be casual and family-oriented American cuisine with a broad range of craft beers all within a rock-themed environment. The restaurant will span more than 6,000 square feet and will bring 100 full- and part-time jobs to the area.

Stanley and Simmons’ co-founding partners, Michael Zislis and concert industry veterans Dave and Dell Furano are helping the restaurant chain expand into a host of different locations throughout the country. Currently, the restaurant has locations in El Segundo (CA), Redondo Beach (CA), and one in Los Cabos, Mexico.  The group has more locations on the way at Los Angeles International Airport, Agoura Hills (CA),  Maui (Hawaii) and Albuquerque (NM).

Rock & Brews is a growing rock-themed restaurant with American cuisine and a wide range of craft beers.  


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