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blythe-saladHi.  My name is Salad the cat.  My dad is Randy Blythe who sings in a very loud band called Lamb of God. Why are they called Lamb of God?  I do not know…I’m a cat.  Since I am so personable and charming, I agreed (didn’t claw his face off) to do this video with my dad to let you know that he and the guys will be playing at something called “Bloodstock” soon.  What is “Bloodstock” you ask?  Again…I’m a cat – please stop asking me ridiculous questions.  The humans have written things below to answer that. 

 So, alas he must travel the lands to do my bidding; keeping me in Fancy Feast, kitty toys, snacks and pay for my slight addiction to catnip.  

Watch “our” video (I’m the STAR!!!!) and plan to be there…I want you to be there!  If you’re not there – I will find you and you don’t want Mr. Salad to find you!  MEOW!  Respectfully, Mr. Salad (the cat).

Randy Blythe & Salad the Cat talk about Bloodstock:

The band’s performance at Bloodstock will mark Lamb Of God’s first show overseas since Randy was cleared of manslaughter charges in the Czech Republic earlier this year.

Lamb Of God will co-headline the four day event with King Diamond, Slayer, and Anthrax.   Tobias Sammet’s Avantasia, Accept, Gojira, DevilDriver and many more bands have also been confirmed, with more to be announced.

Bloodstock Open Air will be held at Derbyshire in the United Kingdom from August 8-11. Lamb Of God will headline the Ronnie James Dio stage on Saturday, August 10.

Tickets to the festival are on sale now, from £132.00 for a basic weekend pass with camping and up to £1,582.00 for the ‘SERPENTS LAIR VIP EXPERIENCE.’  Click here for details and to purchase the various packages.




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