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Craving Lucy is a true American bred rock-n-roll band in every sense of the word. They are far more unique and interesting than your average run-of-the-mill cookie-cutter band cluttering the airways these days.  The Boston based quintet, consisting of Steve Archambault (vocals), Nate Comp (guitar), Rick Caikauskas (guitar), Keith Lewis (bass) and Simon Adamsson (drums), proved once again with their newest EP effort entitled Resolution (10/26/2012) that they intend to raise the expectation and imaginations of rock fans nationwide.  Resolution should be able to line up the band alongside the current rock heavyweights in the regular rotation on XM Octane, Music Choice and other rock radio outlets nationwide.

Interview with Steve Archambault of Craving Lucy:

Rick/RR:  Steve, it is great to catch up with you again. Thank you for checking in with RockRevolt™ Magazine.

Steve/CL:  Anytime Rick! Always a pleasure!

Rick/RR:  Let’s rock then!  10.26.12 marked the release of your latest album entitled Resolution.  In typical Craving Lucy fashion, it’s another installment of high quality modern rock with a classic overtone.

Steve/CL:  Thanks man. We’ve touched upon a few more bases of our influences with this one, but at the end of the day it comes down to rock with some kick to it and hopefully leaves our fans humming the tunes the rest of the day.

Rick/RR:  Fans familiar with your earlier projects, including your most recent singles “Ordinary God”, “Changes”, and the album pre-release song “Drama Queen”, are going to find a lot to be happy with here again.  At the same time, you seemed to make a conscious effort to expand your musical boundaries with this one.

Steve/CL:   Yeah. We’ve grown a bit as writers since we’ve brought new blood into the band and wanted to expand our sound and give our fans, and fans-to-be, songs that showed we are multi-dimensional.  We wanted to show more depth to the writing and in all honesty it was just something that kind of happened on its own; a natural progression I guess, and we are really happy with the final product.

Rick/RR:  With the time that has passed since your last full-length project, has the song writing approach changed much for the band since then?

Steve/CL:  It definitely has, although a lot of the same elements are still an integral part of our songs and the writing itself.   I’m the only original member of Craving Lucy in the band, and I had written everything with our former guitarist. I now do all the writing with our guitar player, Nate Comp, who used to be on bass.  We have amazing songwriting chemistry and share the same brain stem when it comes to working in the studio.  Our attitude is, “there’s nothing that isn’t a welcomed idea” when it comes to input and suggestions when writing – until we realize it just won’t work! (Laughs) With that said we don’t set barriers or parameters when we write.  If it sounds great to us and it works, we go with it.

Rick/RR:  The song “Forever After” is probably the best example of a song that might be a bit outside of what fans might expect from your past efforts. With that said, it has a vibe ready made for rock radio play.

Steve/CL:  That one is most definitely the “left of center” tune on the record, but I think it showcases what the band is capable of and it shows the dimension that I was talking about earlier.  We didn’t want a collection of tunes that were six “Drama Queens”, or six like “Therapy.”  This one (Forever After) although a bit different from the others, actually has been one of the surprise front runners with a lot of fans and listeners.  I guess they are embracing the depth as well.  Always a great feeling!

Rick/RR: You know I am personally a big fan of your up-tempo work where you put a big focus on the groove and melody.  In that department, “Smile In The Dark” excels in those areas and is just a fantastic song.

Steve/CL:  Nice to hear Rick! (Laughs) That one is actually my favorite and a LOT of fans are digging that tune.  I think it’s just got that heavy rock groove that you can’t help but bob your head to, ya know?  It also has a lot of meaning for me and the friend I based the lyrics on.  He’s an amazing dad whose being put through hell by the mother of his little girl when it comes to custody and being able to see her.  She’s been manipulating this little girl and isolating her from a relationship with her dad.  The song is for him and how he’s slowly winning back legally and emotionally that relationship.   He’s thrilled it’s the single we are going with!

Rick/RR:  “Living Nightmare” is another standout rocker track.  If I am not mistaken, there is a little Black Sabbath tribute going on in the guitar solo here?

Steve/CL: (Laughs) Definitely can’t stump you Rick!  Yeah, that bridge has old   written all over it and its heavy as fuck and probably my favorite part of the tune. When Nate showed it to me, it’s the first thing I thought of and he had a smile on from ear to ear. So many influences, so little time!

Rick/RR:  You were fortunate enough to receive several spins on XM Octane and Music Choice with your previous singles “Ordinary God” and “Therapy.”  Are the cards lining up for more of the same this time around?

Steve/CL:  Hopefully yes.  They really embraced both tunes and actually gave a lot of love to “Changes” as well.  It’s been three years and three singles with Octane and Music Choice so hopefully they both will toss “Smile In The Dark” into rotation too once the campaign starts.  They both have been very good to us and we love them for that – and ALL the stations that have supported us.

Rick/RR:  The music industry seems to be at an interesting time and at a crossroads as we speak.  What is Craving Lucy doing to make its mark at the moment and keep moving forward?

Steve/CL:  “Interesting” is an interesting way of putting it. (Laughs) There have been SO many changes, twists, turns, new paths, etc., that the industry and the avenues that are part of it have taken over the last several years. Who knows where it’s going to go or lead to next?  Nobody can control it and it’s very hard to predict where it’s going at this point, and it’s getting harder and harder to break in.  On the flip side there is an almost ENDLESS amount of outlets at an artist’s disposal right now to self-promote and DIY.  The best way we can make our mark as Craving Lucy is to simply write, release, and promote the strongest record we can at all times and hopefully the music will stand on its own and do the talking.  That’s the only thing we can control, so our efforts are in that basket.

Rick/RR:  In that same theme, you are a well-rounded rock band that is championing the rock flag as well as anyone.  In your opinion, what needs to happen to get Top 40 radio, labels and such to believe in rock music again?

Steve/CL:  Honestly? Better decisions by better A&R with better perspective.  Over the last five years, nine out of 10 rock bands signing a deal, whether it with an indie or a major, have failed.  In “failed” I mean they have not even been able to chart well enough or make enough noise to recoup the label for what they put into them.  That’s an awful statistic to deal with in the rock world and kills the idea for a “deal” with said labels for us and bands like us.  It means they are signing the wrong bands and a LOT of bands that all sound alike.  It’s been a pop world for a long time as it seems like it’s the safest bet for any label.  But pop music is disposable music, but a good rock band can last for years.  I think labels and the powers that be lost sight of that a while ago.  That’s why Craving Lucy will never be a one trick pony when it comes to writing.  Maybe we can have that song that is the crossover hit and bring opportunity to the other songs along the way.

Rick/RR:  What are the tour plans for Craving Lucy for the remainder of 2012 going into 2013?  You’ve played some Northeastern shows with another strong Boston rock outfit, Silent Season, which is a great bill for fans who have had the honor to catch those shows.

Steve/CL:  Love those guys!  They are our “little brothers” and a long, national tour together would be absolutely kick ass!  We’ve got a few shows left for the year including our official CD/EP Release Show November 17th in Manchester, NH at Milly’s, which is a great rock club that makes their own beer.  Silent Season is on the bill with us and then we do the Wreck The Halls Holiday Ball together in Cambridge, MA at The Middle East Dec. 15th. That’s a MONSTER gig full of goodwill.  Toys-For-Tots and the Marines will be there, Blood Borne radio is doing a worldwide live simulcast.  Death Grip Clothing, who sponsors both of us, will be there. The Boston Red Sox donated signed memorabilia, and a ton of others involved.  After that in the New Year Craving Lucy gets very busy with shows as the full on radio campaign begins with “Smile In The Dark”.

Rick/RR:  Give us all the nitty-gritty on how fans can get in touch with you and pick up your killer new album Resolution.

Steve/CL:  Fans can pick it up on iTunes, Amazon, and EVERYWHERE music is available online. We have a fan page on Facebook, can follow us on Twitter @cravinglucy, visit, visit our YouTube channel at CravingLucyVids, on ReverbNation…just about anywhere that a band could possibly be…BAM there we are!

Rick/RR:  Steve it has been a pleasure chatting with you again.  Now go out and rock-n-roll all nite and party every day!

Steve/CL:   ALWAYS a pleasure Rick and thanks so much for showing us some love again bro. Hope to tour near you sometime soon bud! Cheers!

~Rick Lindner, Journalist – RockRevolt™ Magazine


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