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Summoned Tide is a metal band from northern Sweden, with a clear vision of what they want… TO CONQUER THE WORLD.  No, they are not humble, they don’t have to be. Their passion for music and obvious talent is all they need to achieve their goal. Formed back in 2004, they are today one of the most promising newcomers on the international metal scene. Rickard, Jennifer, Mikael, Jimi and their recently added new member, Ryan, are here and ready to spread their music over the entire world and who knows… one day maybe the entire universe will bow in front of them! Until then – all hail SUMMONED TIED as RockRevolt™Magazine’s coveted Indie Band Of The Week! 

We talked to Rickard Thelin, singer, guitar player and main songwriter of Summoned Tide about their upcoming album, their experience so far and their future plans.

For those who doesn’t know you, how would you explain them who Summoned Tide are?

Summoned Tide is a great band with great expectations. We dedicate our lives to music and live the dream by creating music, sharing, learning, inspiring, feeling, entertaining, expressing a meaning in life with a clear goal; to become one of the greatest bands of all time.

How was the band formed?

In a small town in Sweden called Robertsfors, the love for metal was flourishing but the amount of musicians live1was scarce. Jimi Toivanen (keyboards) and Rickard Thelin (vocals, guitar, songwriter) met during the early years of school, both sharing the same interest to play and listen to metal.

We came up with the idea to create a band based on the admiration of our idols. My brother Mikael Thelin (guitar) quickly picked up on learning the guitar after Jimi and I presented the idea of forming a band where we would make our own music. We also invited his best friend, and former drummer of Summoned Tide, Nicklas Åström, to form the beginning of something so awesome that the first years we spent together passed by really fast with a great amount of fun. We then needed a bass player and Jennifer Sikström, whom at that time was my girlfriend, said that she could do that. She went and bought herself a bass guitar and I became her tutor and she became the bassist.

How did you come up with the name “Summoned Tide”?

We wanted something that would inspire and not sound like just one type of metal since we kind of like any type of metal out there. Therefore we chose Summoned Tide; a name that could wash ashore about anything. We gather about us everything that we like and want, then merge it all into our own sound. It is a waste to let go of something that feels right just because the genre does not approve. We think our composing style fits well with our band name which is open for wild interpretations: slightly delusional but integrated.

summonded tide live 3What are your musical influences?

The list of musical influences is so long but here are some of the bands that made us psyched to form a band and rock the world: Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Hammerfall, Opeth, Edguy, Helloween, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath.

Where do you draw your inspiration for the songs?

Everything that I experience. My thoughts, ideas, feelings, and expressions from all over the world are inspiration for new material. Sometimes when I get a really good idea I just drop whatever I am doing, go home to my guitar and begin to write a song until it is finished.

You started in 2004. What has changed since then?

We lost Nicklas our drummer when he prioritized his family when 24 hours was not enough. We do respect that, but we had to start the search for a new drummer by way of audition.  That was a menacing process to a bunch of friends who had never really played together with anyone else since the rise of Summoned Tide. Ryan O’Shea is a very skilled drummer and a good friend. We can openly share our thoughts and work together as a team towards achieving our goals. We are very happy with the new addition to the band.

Your first demo was recorded in Norway with sound technicians from LIPA (Liverpool institute of Performing Arts) a school in the UK which was founded by Paul McCartney. How was this experience?

Very exciting at first of course! Going to a different country to record and play a gig was big for us. Their recording methods and mixing compared to an established studio though is questionable. I remember sitting in the studio in Norway listening to the raw material and I was not that impressed, but very happy and excited! They were constantly reminding us of the promise of better sound that their skills would bring to the stack. After four months of begging and asking where our record was, we finally got it and it still sounded exactly like the raw material that we were listening to in Norway. Damn! I was so disappointed back then, but that experience when I reminisce is actually quite hilarious.

Your bio says that you have just begun to meet your goal which is to become one of the world’s biggest bands. It sounds promising, but also very challenging… What have you done so far to achieve that?

We have a lifetime buddy and our manager Michael Norén that is really godlike with creating bonds to important people in the business, which has been a great help in achieving our goal. We constantly compose and rehearse. This is not always the easy part with five different schedules. We also trying to exist on all the forms of social media and sharing networks. Michael has been very clear to us about that. He has sent our music all over the world to over 150 web and FM radio stations. He has arranged live Skype interviews as well as pre-written ones for us from a couple of metal websites. He is trying to reach as vast and wide as he can to work toward success. So Michael Norén is our working-class hero! And yes, all this work is hard. But what is a challenge if it is not hard! We do this because we believe in what we do, great music.

You live in Sweden, but you want to conquer the world. How easy is it for a Swedish metal band to do something likesummonded Tide 4 that?

How easy? I am not quite sure how to give a good answer on this one, but I believe we have just as much of a chance to be successful as any other unsigned band out there. The Swedish people do have a great start though, because of our great musical schools all over the country. We also have an impressive legacy when it comes to artists and front figures that affects our mindset perhaps a bit more than a society with almost no music heroes. We are all different but I believe we have the same chance. Just believe and never give up.

When will your next album be out?

We are currently working on a new album and we are trying to put our minds together for a music video. Money however, is a big issue here but we are still working on the concept. We have also tested video blogging in the past and it may come back up on the agenda again after I learn how to do it properly.

Your fan base is increasing day by day. What are your next moves?

We are always looking for new places to play. This is what turns us on and it would be a glorious orgasm if we could tour for a month straight or even more! We have loads of requests from far away countries and yet again the money is but a hindrance for us to go and give the fans a great show! So we have to be patient while doing our best hoping to get a bite on the hook. Love fishing. We are currently looking for sponsors and are open for discussions.

Tell us a few things about rock music scene in Sweden…

I can tell you from my experience this:  The small venues have crappy standards, grumpy technicians and are bested by the grindcore and death metal bands. Nothing against the bands, but the crowds loves it. The bigger summoned Tide2venues though are heavenly in sound and the work around them is gold standard. The older generations of musicians are trying heavily to keep the interest for live shows to burn within the hearts of the youth. They are doing a good job, but the smaller gigs are dying out and the demands on the bands from the bookers are getting more and more inconvenient. You almost have to be famous or bring loads of people to the venue to get a chance. They do not like taking chances anymore because they think their business will be ruined if one night does not bring as much money as they planned. This is my take on the smaller gigs in Sweden for most bands. Cover bands love this era though. Oh yes, they love it. They always have a playlist of well-known songs and live on parties and other private bookings. When you by chance happen to get a gig somewhere as a band that play originals, you are expected to get there without any payment, or even food. They expect YOU to pay out-of-pocket to go hundreds of kilometers and play their venue without any kind of hospitality or reimbursement. It is absurd!

Wow…sounds like every indie band from any town around the world. Did you dream of being a musician when you were a little kid?

I do not think anyone is born with a clear dream with what they want to be. The dreams pass by and different goals are made throughout the early years with everything there is to experience. The choices today are endless and just by a small step you are going deeper into something else. Society today is astonishing and so is mankind. Some keep on dreaming their entire life, but we knew what to pursue when we saw what we wanted. So we are living for that dream…and won’t stop until we get it. 

What are your career plans for let’s say the next five years?

Two to three albums, one big tour, more media activity and something odd we really cannot talk about at this point. You should be excited, we are! The upcoming stuff is really good. 

SUMMONED TIDE IS:  Rickard Thelin ( Guitar / Vocals), Jennifer Sikström (Bass / Vocals), Ryan O´Shea (Drums), Mikael Thelin (Guitar) and Jimi Toivanen (Synth)


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  1. The story of Summoned Tide have actually only started. We are looking for right Connections in the industry for taking the next steps. We are open and looking for Booking agencies, Labels, Festivals, Endorsement with companies etc.

    What do You have to offer??

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