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Anyone familiar with the play of Macbeth knows that the witches brewed poisoned entrails, toad venom, fillet of a fenny snake, eye of a newt and any other thing they can use to create a spell. Now, it seems that they’ve tried it again, and cocked up, thus creating The Bunny The Bear. This isn’t a bad thing – as a whole concoction of scream/clean vocals and party anthems, these are provided to make one hell of an album. 

Starting off with “Eating Disorder,” the band instantly go into full throttle of battling away any genre classifications you can try to throw at them, with dancing rhythms and Matt Tybor’s contrasting soft vocals to Chris Hutka’s screams. The mix between the synth and the more post-hardcore elements are prominent throughout the album, from “It’s not Always Cold In Buffalo” and “Melody,” but there’s also the ambient part of the album with the piano not being too cliché to enforce the feelings of sadness upon you, which “Hey, Allie” and “Melody” explore openly. When the emotion hits you, you have the gut instinct of feeling it, not just the mild reaction one would normally have to the average band going “Hey guys, here’s a sad song so you better start feeling sad.” “What We’re Here For” is the longest track, standing at 5 minutes in length, with its longer length allowing Matt and Chris to experiment a bit more. Having it as the penultimate track is a bit disappointing, as it sounds as though it should go with the flow of all the tracks roughly the middle of the album. Finally, the album ends with the sombre “Sadie,” which is an incredibly heartfelt song to finish an album on an emotional high. 

Granted, they have synth and the twin vocal delivery that can make you compare it to Asking Alexandria‘s first album Stand up and Scream (let’s face it, it wasn’t that good), but you’d be wrong in thinking that. This album experiments with many sonic landscapes that will carve an image in your mind of the raw emotion emitted from each track. There’s not one track you’d want to skip, resulting in it being an enjoyable listen from start to end.


This album gets 4 out of 5 skulls:

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