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bloody2I hear what ya saying, “Isn’t country and bluegrass all shit now? Like Taylor Swift, and is Shania Twain still a thing?” No, Taylor sold her soul and when is the last time you thought, “Man, I feel like a woman”? Country is far from dead. In fact, I would say that if you looked hard enough, country has some outstandingly overlooked talent. I won’t list them, go and look for yourself.

Murder of Crows is their latest EP and it follows Coffin Up Blood in such sweetly satanic style. It’s four tracks of ass-kickin, wicked washboarding, banjo blazin, manic mandolining and grotesquely gruff vocals. I love the inclusion of banjo on this EP, and banjo is a hard thing to bring into a band. It can either overpower everything or sit too far back and become a mystery. The Bloody Jug Band have succeeded in nailing that inclusion; it’s tasteful and brings a more danceable quality to the jams. The title track brings us one helluva banjo harmonica duel. It’s short and sweet, but it’ll have you kickin up a dance-off with your neighbors and their children’s children! There is some incredible instrumental work on show here. Check the mandolin playing on bloody“Asylum Blues” and the fiddle playing on “The Undertaker”. It is executed with taste and style and power. This rings true throughout the entire EP. You can feel the passion these guys have for their music slamming its way out of your speakers. It only makes me want more of this darkened style of bluegrass. Murder of Crows is an EP of standout material. With its ultra-catchy melodies, superb playing and ultra-crisp production standards, it will keep your tastebuds satisfied until TBJB release their next record. And if this is a preview of the material TBJB are pumping out, I can’t wait to hear the full record. So, if you’re planning on having a quiet night relaxing to some tunes, drinking some wine and watching the latest episode of your favorite TV drama to see if Rick really is sleeping with Alice, fuck that and get The Bloody Jug Band through your soul! The Bloody Jug Band are a bluegrass band to reckoned with. This ain’t no regular hoe-down son! This is a goddamned dance with the Devil! Hell, if Satan hosted a TV show without a shadow of doubt The Bloody Jug Band would be the house band and you’ll be there, dancing till your feet grind away to the very dust they are made of.

The Bloody Jug Band – Roadkill Boys (Music Video)


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The Bloody Jug Band is:  Cragmire Peace (Vocals & Scratch), Stormy Jean (Vocals & Misc Percussion), Brian Shredder (Acoustic Guitar), Seth Funky (Washtub Bass), Big Daddy Jerm aka Dracula Mohammad (JUG & Kazoo), Bloody Rick (Mouth Harp), Ste-evil (Electric Guitar, Slide & Banjo), Randall Scandal (Mandolin), Adam Blackwater (Lap Steel & Resonator), Franklin Glory (Good Times…)

By:  Rob Ryles, Contributing Writer 

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