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I’ve always wanted to know what it was like to have my ears lovingly caressed by wave after rolling wave of immensely superb riffage, whilst at the same time have my body heaving over from disgust and repulsion. This may have happened to you several times at several seedy bars, but now you have the pleasure of reliving it all in one record. 

If you’ve ever wanted to experience this, then like me, you have far too many problems for one therapist to deal with. You’ll also want to get a copy of I am Duckeye‘s debut record “Husband” as fast as you can.

I am Duckeye combine creative musicianship with the putrid thoughts of teenage boys and well, let’s face it, teenage men everywhere. They pull it off with absolute class and they are not afraid to shock.

“I got the best hand job ever, perfect technique”.

The opening track “Swhale” informs us as it tickles and winks at our privates with pure groove as it holds its tongue so hard in its cheek, it is about to break through.

Watch Punching Dicks


This sets the tone for the entire record. This may seem disgusting, and it is, but at least he’s being honest. Isn’t that we all want from music? For it to be an honest representation of the bands feelings? How much more honest can you want it?

That’s what you get with Husband: Honesty. 

An honest representation of the singers love for all bodily functions and appendages. He likes balls. He likes – no. LOVES, boobs. He really really really loves your Dad, too.

It is an album exploding at the brim with love, even if that love needs to hide itself in a corner under a blanket and have a good think about what it has done.

Husband wants to take your Mother out and treat her like the dirty wench she is.  Husband wants to venture into your Brother’s tool shed and cheekily grab his arse.  Husband wants/will show your Sister its balls, then laugh maniacally and high five your Father.

Yet, while it is lyrically dirty, filthy and at times utterly disgusting, you will mosh to the Meshuggah veined riffs and heart pounding drums. And if you want the riffs, baby they’ve got them! They come in all shapes and sizes to suit your personal taste. If you like your riffs rigid and hard, if you like your riffs short and fat, hell even if you like it long and pointy I am Duckeye can satisfy your primal riff urges. 

Husband is an adventure through the mind of some very sick and disgusting people that is as shocking as it is rocking. As riff tasty as it is lyrically vomit worthy. Think Rocky Horror Picture score if Meshuggah and Steel Panthers procreated.
“Dammit, Janet. I love your boobs. Oh, Brad. I love your balls”

If you’re looking for something that ventures into new levels of debauchery, then I suggest you grab yourself a copy of I am Duckeye’s Husband from i-Tunes today.

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