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TRASH THE BRAND started out on the long stretch of Interstate 40 between Memphis and Nashville they call “The Music Highway” and since the beginning have been playing a lil’ something  which they refer to as swamp-a-billy and is frequently referred to by others as “Swamp Rock!”  And it’s everything that you’d expect Swamp Rock to sound like:  wild, raw, exotic, heart-pounding, dirty and dangerous!  Just like we like our rock to be.

This hard-driving trio kicks out one helluva sound, with  Scotty Austin (Vocals/Guitar), Scott Anthony Little (Bass/Vox) and the hammering drums of  Steven Pulley, who was born primarily deaf, so be warned – he’s one beast of a drummer who hits the kit so hard he’ll make your ears pound (in a good way). 

Their debut self-titled album was produced by Justin Rimer of 12 Stones and Breaking Point and dropped in June of 2013 under the indie label 3Suns Entertainment, and has been a blockbuster in sales since it’s release.  TRASH THE BRAND‘s songs present the perfect blend of classic southern rock, devilish blues and grooving rockabilly that are fantastic from beginning to end.  

Check out their video for the single ‘Larry and the Blue Dog “The Devils Ride” that’s topping charts and getting rotation on radio  right now and you’ll see/hear what we mean…

Pretty cool, huh?   The music is great and they made sure to have a HIGH QUALITY video, which was done by King Productions.  

Another thing that struck us about this band is that they have extremely HIGH QUALITY promo and live pictures for press.  Granted, they’re lucky bastards because lead singer Scotty Austin’s wife, Scarlett Smith, just happens to be a talented photographer,  who captured their essence in the promo stills beautifully.  Then, they got Chad Lee (one of the best concert photogs in the world) to shoot them live.  They have a better assets/promo page than some of the biggest bands in the world.  

So, you don’t have a wife/girlfriend of a band member who’s a gifted photographer?  Don’t have a world-class rock photographer as a friend?  Then you simply have to HIRE ONE!  It is one of the best investments you will make as an Indie Band.  Let’s face it, as superficial as it seems, looks do count in this business and first impressions are EVERYTHING.  Before you can get a label, promoter, press, manager or publicist to click on your EPK or anything else, you better have some great shots that tell a story about who you are as a band/individuals…or the click will never happen.    You know the lyrics, “Every picture tells a story, don’t it?”  Well, it’s true.  What “story” is your band presenting?  Make people HAVE to know who you are and listen to your music with your pictures.  

Check out just a few of TRASH THE BRAND‘s pics…

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TRASH THE BRAND consistently packs shows all over the Southeast with a solid fan base that supports them at live shows as well as social media, on which they are very interactive.  The band also wants to inspire the new generation to follow their steps into the music world, so when they’re not out on the road, they host an open jam session in their home town of Jackson, Tennessee every week.  

These guys are tireless promoters of their band, brand (pun not intended) and themselves. which is exactly what a successful DIY band is supposed to be.  So, between the awesome musicianship, brilliant debut album recorded with a seasoned producer, high quality videos and photographs, being mass social media whores and packing out live venues… we proudly name TRASH THE BRAND as our coveted Indie Band of The Week! 

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By:  Victória Oliveira

Live Photos Credit:  Chad Lee/RockConcertFotos

Promo Photos Credit:  Scarlett Smith 

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