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ALBUM REVIEW: AMON AMARTH – Deceiver of the Gods


All hail!   Sound the metal Viking horns of triumph!  It’s a great day for Amon Amarth fans, as their latest album, Deceiver of the Gods, is finally available.  This brilliantly melodious offering stays true to the legendary sound that fans will be expecting while bringing in an epic madness that even Thor himself could not describe.

Deceiver of the Gods has no dull spots.  Literally every minute of the album is filled with the energetically mind-blowing vibe that originally made the Swede extreme metal community go insane from Amon Amarth’s conception in 1992.  It’s like Iron Maiden got lost in Sweden, their souls taken hostage by a wild gang of Viking Norseman poltergeists; which composed an album full of twisted battle anthems, then packaged it up with all of the blood and guts included.  And then blew it at your face out of a Viking ship cannon!  

Speaking of blood and guts, I found myself subconsciously smacking the “replay” button on a song amon.main1called “Blood Eagle.” Out of all the death metal debauchery on Deceiver of the Gods, this song takes the gold for the most Metal-as-Fuck moments on the album.  Instantly, the sound of men in battle being dismembered and ripped to pieces while crying out; their last screams of terror filling the listener’s ears and hearts with a menacing guilt so harrowing, it will give them nightmares for weeks.  Yeah, it’s that disturbingly cool. 

Another standout song from Deceiver of the Gods, brings the listener to a dark place known as “Hel.”  Slower than most songs on the album, it is full of nuances that had not yet been explored by the band. Menacing laughs fill the sonic landscape as the lyrics bring forth a soul recently condemned to Hell, who is welcomed by a choir of devil Vikings.  This is sure to bring an intimate sing-along experience for fans when played live.  Perhaps the most standout feature of the song however is the falsetto and opera-inspired singing that takes place as a message to the soul that was condemned to Hell.  

The blood-lust and menacing over/undertones flow continuous throughout, yet the songs all have their own unique feel and sound. “We Shall Destroy” is one of the more groovy songs on the album.  Lyrically it perfectly ties the rhythm section to the dark guitar riffs, which are so melodic they will stick in your head and not leave.  Ever.  Seriously, it’s like being able to perfectly sing your favorite song time after time.

Although extremely melodic guitar playing is common throughout the album, nothing tops the title track, “Deceiver of the Gods.”  20 seconds in, and you will be humming the opening anthem.  30 seconds in, you’ll be singing that anthem at the top of your lungs.  Suddenly, madness shall consume you and you’ll be transported to the battlefields of ancient Sweden, only to become the deceiver in the rebellion against the God’s.  

“Deceiver of the Gods” Video: 

Deceiver of the Gods  has solidified  Amon Amarth even more as the most legendary Viking metal band to ever exist.  No band in the genre will ever come close to recreating the depraved revelry repeatedly found throughout the album. A new dawn has arisen on the death metal community, and it will never be the same.  The band pushes the genre to the limits, and defines new territories previously unexplored by any band capable of creating such madness.  Get ready world, Amon Amarth has this day  released an album destined to change the course of death metal history, and pave the path for anyone who is insane enough to even attempt to recreate and outdo the brilliant madness that is, Deceiver of the Gods.

I pay homage to this masterpiece by granting the sacred 5 out of 5 skulls!  

~ Travis Kreuzer, Contributing Writer



‘Deceiver Of The Gods’ is now available worldwide!

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AMON ARMATH IS:  Johan Hegg (Vocals), Ted Lundström (Bass), Johan Söderberg (Guitar),
Olavi Mikkonen (Guitar) and Fredrik Andersson (Drums)



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