willieHave you ever wished that you could even come somewhat close to shredding a guitar like Willie Adler of Lamb of God?  Well, sometimes wishes do come true, and although there’s no guarantee that you’ll ever be as great as Adler, the online music community and media company AllAxess.com, are launching the first of their Platinum Series Music Instruction Series with Willie himself showing you some tips and tricks that may just get you closer to that dream.  

All Axess Co-founder and DevilDriver guitarist Jeff Kendrick comments about the release of the Platinum Series lessons: 

“I am extremely pleased to not only offer the first of All Axess’s Platinum series instructional lessons, but to bring you the playing techniques and insights of one of the most respected heavy metal guitarists in the world. Cannot wait for all of you to enjoy it.” 

You don’t have to be a badass shredder like Willie (yet) to be able to follow the course, as the lessons are designed for beginner to advanced levels.  The series will take you inside the head and the technique of Willie’s guitar playing and includes:

1.) A complete insight into Willie’s guitar playing and will include warm-up routines, left and right-handed exercises, riffs and melodies that Willie has crafted over many years of playing. 

2.) New, never before heard six “jam tracks” and audio loops produced solely by Willie for this lesson. Tracks include guitar and drum parts. 

3.) Jam tracks will be made available as session files and audio stems for the fans. 

4.) Multi-camera angles that capture the riffs and techniques that have made Willie one of the most respected guitarists in the world. 

5.) Corresponding lesson tablature to follow along and learn from. 

6.) User’s will have opportunities in the future to upload and share ideas with other players and enter contests to win prizes. 

7.)  On top of all this you’ll be given EXCLUSIVE access to a live, monthly video Q & A with Willie Adler himself!

Willie gives you the lowdown here:


How much would you guess these lessons cost?  $80.00?… $100.00?  These lessons are being offering a limited time only discounted rate of $7.99 for the next 30 days!  The lesson will retail for $19.95 after the pre-sale!  

So…what in the hell are you waiting for?  Click on the link below to go to willieadler.com/platinum and get you some of that sweet action! 



Connect with Willie: 




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