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Goblin is one of those bands that you need to see once in your life in order to feel complete

Left to Right - Agostino Marangolo, Aidan Zammit, Massimo Morante, Maurizio GUarini, Agostino Marangolo, Fabio Pignatelli

Left to Right – Agostino Marangolo, Aidan Zammit, Massimo Morante, Maurizio Guarini, Fabio Pignatelli

I got a chill down my spine the night of December 5th, and not because Cleveland was in the throes of a winter storm, but because I was front and center at the Beachland Ballroom, eager to witness the wonder and awe that is Goblin. Hailing from Italy, the fact that this band was here in my hometown was almost too much for me to handle. Add in knowing that this was only their second tour ever in the United States and that a handful of the original members were present, and you start to realize just how special this whole experience ended up being. As a huge horror and music fan, this is one of those bands that you need to see once in your life in order to feel complete. I can easily say, without any hesitation, that I left that night feeling more complete and alive than ever.

Goblin_Logo_1From their opening number, Goblin took the crowd (which had a very Cinema Wasteland feel to it), on a sonic journey. They performed a chronological set, starting with their earlier works, with epic songs from Profondo Rosso and Roller. With each song, you could feel their passions and talents extend from the stage and wrap around you. At times, Massimo Morante’s daughter would perform haunting ballet numbers to accompany the music. She would almost appear and disappear like a dark spirit, staying just long enough to challenge your imagination. At other times, notably during the band’s performance of soundtrack hits, a screen behind them would play clips from the movies referenced. All of these elements added to the entire Goblin experience – an experience that seemed to transcend the definition of a typical rock concert.

Watch GOBLIN‘s – “Profondo Rosso” 2010

Goblin_Logo_3While the crowd was enthralled during the entire set, you could sense a surge in energy when the band began playing songs from the now classic Argento (Suspiria and Tenebrae) and Romero (Dawn of the Dead) films. During these times, as an audience member, you felt as if you were a part of those films. I know that I personally was taken away when they began to play Witches, a song that has always remained one of my favorites overall when horror movies are concerned. The band itself also seemed more alive and happier than ever to be playing songs that clearly meant so much to them. Morante’s appreciation of the crowd was more than obvious, as he extended verbal thank yous after the completion of each song, and at the introduction of a new one. There is no doubt in my mind that he was exactly where he wanted to be, along with the rest of the band. If you ever get the opportunity to see Goblin perform live, I implore you not to pass it up. This is a band that has been around in one form or another, for close to 40 years. They have survived because of their relentless musical talents and because their genre of music is timeless. Creepy and eerie sounding, sure – but timeless nonetheless.

 ~Dr. Scarlet

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