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hellgoat.main1Hailing from Dallas, TX, our Indie Band of the Week is the head-banging quartet of HellGoat!   This marauding band of metalheads came crashing together in 2012, mixing up a deliciously ear-pleasing concoction of old school metal (think Black Sabbath/Judas Priest) with the pounding new twists and deep melodic riffs of the new generation of mosh-makers (think Down/Clutch).

Although the menfolk of HellGoat are not ones to brag about their past musical experience, it is clear that the planets aligned when Al “Alapeno” (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Michael (Guitar), Zack (Bass) and Mike (Drums) brought their collective talents together, with the end result being their debut album, The Tide.  

We get hundreds (maybe thousands) of requests for press every month, hellgoat.thetideand everyone wants to be our Indie Band of the Week.  So when we played HellGoat’s album through in its entirety – very loudly – we knew this was a band to watch for sure.  Even though they are just starting out on their musical adventure together, they have got one helluva chance of success with such a solid offering in this album, steady gigs and a loyal, growing fan base.

Another testament to the talent and seriousness of this DIY band is that they enlisted Sterling Winfield, who’s worked with Pantera on several albums, Damageplan and Hell Yeah to produce The Tide.  Mastering was done by the two-time Grammy nominated engineer Maor Appelbaum.  You don’t get guys like Sterling and Maor to work with you if you suck.  End of story.

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So many bands cheap-out or don’t find the right professionals to work with when it comes to recording their album and in the end, it’s a waste of time and money.  So kids, the lesson here is: put off recording six months or a year if you have to save up to pay for a kickass  Producer and Master Engineer.  You get what you pay for, and HellGoat got their damn money’s worth!

Watch the “Breathe” Video:

You can buy The Tide on iTunes or  and we strongly suggest that you do!  In the meantime, check out HellGoat’s upcoming tour dates and connect at all the links below.


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